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Job Stereotypes can be very inaccurate often based simply on what we see watching TV and movies.

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because they are scary

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Q: Should you be careful using work stereotypes?
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What are the stereotypes of Filipinos?

That they know Spanish and that they work in hospital custodial positions are stereotypes of Filipinos. In reality, many Filipinos do not rely upon Spanish other than as a research language regarding their archipelago's history while many others indeed may work in hospitals, but as doctors and nurses.

What are stereotypes of Vietnamese?

Typical stereotypes of Vietnameses people include:They either own or work at a nail salon store.They are involved in underground actvity (specifically, they grow "weed").They all like and know how to make pho (Vietnamese noodle soup).Their last names are either Nguyen, Tran, or PhamThey like to gossip.They talk LOUDly.They all watch Paris by Night and like to kareoke.

What are some typical gender stereotypes?

Women are weak & men are strongMen are insensitive & women are emotionalWomen get scared easily & men don't feel fearMen like sport & women hate itWomen are bad at maths and science & men are good at itMen should go out to work & women should look after the kidsWomen hate being dirty & men love itMen are untidy & women like to clean

Are stereotypes necessary in media portrayals?

They aren't absolutely necessary, but since they are so prevalent, they make it easier to get certain points across. In humorous programming, for instance, stereotypes are played on a lot. Even in dramatic programming, or News Reporting, it is easy to pretend that things are black and white and portray someone as the sterotypic hero and someone as the villain. Real life isn't that simple... but often we *want* it to be that simple. Categorizing the people around us helps us to know how to relate to them, whether or not that is a fair judgment for the group OR or individuals in it. :) Labels and stereotypes aren't a good thing, but they are useful to many people, including the media as they attempt to determine a target audience for shows as well as commercials. When watching a show we assume certain things when we see certain types of characters. Some shows try to break those stereotypes, and actually introduce you to individuals and their indiosyncratic ways, but some shows use them in order to set up certain situations, and play on the audience's expectations. Although it is very possible to portray individuals rather than stereotypes, it isn't always helpful to the show, and it is always a lot more work, so although it is not necessary, it will still continue.

What are some main paper route stereotypes?

* If you're a young person with a paper route, you're assumed to be responsible and learning about work and money. * If you're over 18 with a paper route, it is considered to be less desirable as people over the age of 18 usually can find jobs with more compensation. == == * Dogs can and will chase you.

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