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Some people turn to illeism, the act of speaking in third person, as a sign of being humble. Illeism is also used to enforce the importance of the group. It can also be used to create a larger impact like in political speeches.

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Q: Why do some people resort to illeism?
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Is illeism a psychological problem?

One way to start answering the question is to break it down into parts and the aspects of the question. First, is illeism in and of itself, a problem? The definition of illeism is the mere act of referring to oneself using the word 'he' for instance. The definition does not say that it is a disease or illness, that has symptoms of using the word 'he' while referring to oneself. Think of a circumstances where this is normal, such as a writing of poetry for a class, and your teacher specifically instructed you to use illeism. Therefore, 'moderate' and 'controlled [controllable]' illeism, sees no reason to be an illness in and of itself. So, for illeism, as anything, to be a problem, it would actually be referring to instances of illeism that manifested an unhealthy condition. The two are distinguished, illeism insofar as the defined meaning, and instances of illeism. Instances of illeism that could be considered unhealthy, psychologically, or the presentment of approaches to diagnoses that are not psychological, [just because it is spoken that it is constrained to only psychological, could be a notion], might be using illeism in an inappropriate place or situation, such as when in a psychological health interview for a job that requires sound mental condition, or using illeism excessively without control, especially when it is clear that the audience has no understanding of what someone is talking about due to the speaker's use of the illeism. If illeism stems from a psychological condition, then from a perspective/interpretation of the question, it could be a psychological problem. If the condition of illeism is unhealthy and it is psychological in its nature, then, concordantly, it can be considered a psychological problem, from that angle. More on this can be found in articles that expound on what is 'psychological'. As a generality, any action or actions, including those psychological, that occur to degrees that they are outside the scope of considered 'moderate', approaches the threshold of illness. This answer is only at the surface level, as it could be applied to many conditions. For pathology of illeism, and particular inherent properties of illeism disorders, study in-depth material; medical theses and theories are abundant. Posted by Wikipedia author AenglescriptEnlight

Illeism and mental illness?

Any action or actions, including processes of the mind, that occur to the point and degrees that they are no longer ascribed, or described by an authority, as 'moderate', approaches the threshold of illness. Illeism, therefore, if used excessively uncontrollably, would thence be an illness. In consideration is that it, instances of illeism, might not be isolated; it could be concurrent with more illnesses, or symptoms of an underlying illness or condition. Posted by Wikipedia author AenglscriptEnlight

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