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because low self-esteem comes from a bad diet, which is bad for a person's physical and mental/emotional health!

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2011-11-30 15:26:04
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Q: Why would a persons self esteem affect his or her health?
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Why would a persons self-esteem affect his or her health?

because low self-esteem comes from a bad diet, which is bad for a person's physical and mental/emotional health!

How would a lack of villi affect a persons health?


What will be a stroke persons self esteem?

Telling them how nice they look would be one of many ways to stroke another persons self esteem.

What variable would self esteem be?

Self-Esteem would not be a variable because it does not involve math It involves Health and, if Self-Esteem did have a variable it would be se

How would a persons cultural back ground affect the food they eat?

Yeah, so a persons cultural back ground simply affect the food.

Why emotion important in relation to mental health of a person?

When diagnosing a persons mental health, their emotional responses are often looked at and compared to what is considered the norm for the particular situation. The term affect is used to describe this state. if a person is said to have a flat affect, this would be to say that they are lacking emotion in their response.

How can emotions affect your physical health?

Emotions can affect our physical health. A emotionally strong person would be healthy while weak one would not be healthy.

If one of the tendons in a persons finger were cut how would it affect movement in the finger?

You would not be able to move it.

How is a persons everyday life affected by Heart Disease?

This would depend on the persons age, their previous health status, what sort of cardiac disease they are suffering.

Would drugs effect on mental health?

yes it would. the misuse of the drugs can bring some negative effects such as dependency, low self esteem etc

How can mental health affect physical health?

Mental health can affect physical health in many ways. Mostly by convincing yourself mentaly that certain situations are having an affect on you negatively or positively to the point where they affect your physical health. An example would be anorexia. Mostly modern man's diseases are psychosomatic. The mental condition of anxiety and fear profoundly affect physical health of the victim Gastric ulcer and ulcerating colitis are its examples

How is the health of a person affect if the persons brainstem became insensitive to the pH of the fluid surrounding the brain?

Your health would be severely affected. Most likely, you would die. The brain functions in a neutral (7) pH environment, meaning that an acidic or basic charge could, at best, impede function, or at the worst, erode portions of the membrane.

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