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Yes, in reference to God, Almighty is capitalized.

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Q: Is almighty capitalized when referring to God?
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Is he capitalized when referring to God?


Is I Am when you are referring to God capitalized?

Yes... Pronouns that refer to God (He, Him, His, etc.) are also capitalized.

Is the word god capitalized?

All thenames of the deities are capitalized i ncludi ng God, Creator, Father, Almighty, etc.

Do you have to capitalize almighty?

Yes, the names for Deity are always capitalized. Examples: Almighty, Father, God, Savior

How do you spell almighty?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "almighty" (meaning all-powerful, omnipotent). The capitalized noun Almighty refers to God.

A word referring to the Deity?

A word referring 2 the deity? the answer is God, Almighty, Allah, and Lord. Those are words that refers to the deity.

Who is almighty today?

God is the almighty. no one can beat god God is the almighty. no one can beat god

Why do use capital letter in a word of GOD?

To show respect and reverance for God the Creator. If you are referring to a pagan diety, it is not capitalized.

When referring to a Greek god is the G capitalized?

No. Unless, maybe, you actually believe in the Greek gods.

Is the office capitalized?

If you are referring to the TV show then yes it should be capitalized. If you are referring to an office in general then no it shouldn't be capitalized.

Why do we call god almighty?

We call god almighty because he is the father almighty/ the one and only god

What noun function is the word God?

This can be a regular noun or a proper noun. When referring to a monotheistic god, it is a proper noun and should be capitalized.

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