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The New Testament is important as it contains the teaching of Jesus, it also tells us of the last days.

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Q: Why is the New Testament important?
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What is the important parts of the New Testament?

Every single book, page, and sentence is important in the New Testament. If God has had it written it is important. God does not fool around or mince His words. All of the New Testament is important.

What is the most important theme of the New Testament?

The most important theme in the New Testament is John 3 verse 16.

Is it important to study the New Testament?

It is important to read God's word wherever it is found. So, yes, it is important to read the New Testament, the Old Testament, and anything else that God reveals.

Why is it important to understand literature in the New Testament?

It is important to understand literature in the New Testament because we can understand the Bible and Jesus' life better through the literary forms which are part of literature in the New Testament.

Who is the most important character in the New Testament?


Is the Old Testament done away with?

Oh no the old testament is very important as the prophets in the old testament have their prophecies fulfilled in the new testament.

Is the New Testament one of Judaism's most important scriptures?

No. Judaism does not believe the New Testament to be a Holy Book in its traditions.

Does the old testament have less value than the New Testament?

no. they are both important to christian life.

Important figures in the New Testament include?


What is the Most important event in New Testament?

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Why is the New Testament especially important to Christians?

A:The New Testament was written and compiled by Christians for Christians, and is the story of the emergence of Christianity as a new faith. It is not just especially important for Christians, it is only important for Christians, since other faiths have their own scriptures.

What is the single most important event in the New Testament story of Israel?

The New Testament reports events said to have occurred when Israel no longer existed, and had not existed for around seven and a half centuries. Nevertheless, the single most important event in the New Testament ought to be the resurrection of Jesus.

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