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Everyone already has Buddha-nature. Many, however, are not aware of their own Buddha-nature yet.

Answer No-one can become a Buddha if they know how to become one.

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2009-07-01 20:27:40
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Q: How many people are Buddha's?
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How many Buddha is there in the world?

The number of people who are fully realized enlightened Buddhas is unknown. Since we all have a Buddha spirit in us, we can all become fully enlightened. Therefore the number of potential Buddhas is the same as the number of people alive.

What are the Asutralian's religion?

its like anyone Else's, Australia is a culture of many people, like Christians,Hindu,Catholic, Buddhas and many more

How many Dhyani Buddhas are recognized in Buddhism?


What was the Buddhas fathers name?

Suddhodana that was buddhas fathers name your welcome! Suddhodana that was buddhas fathers name your welcome!

When was The Giant Buddhas created?

The Giant Buddhas was created in 2005.

Where do Buddha people go for worship?

the Buddhas worship in the garden out side their temple

What is the duration of The Giant Buddhas?

The duration of The Giant Buddhas is 1.58 hours.

When was Buddhas barn created?

Buddhas barn was created on 2003-08-18.

How many Buddhas are in the world?

As per Buddhas teaching, there can be only one Buddha at a time in the world. However there can be several Arhants or enlightened ones in the world at a time. Further Buddha also says that earth is never devoid of Arhants as long as Buddhas teaching exists.Answer:All sentient beings are capable of becoming Buddhas (enlightened beings). As to how many living Buddhas there are, as opposed to potential Buddhas or enlightened beings that have gone to Nirvana, there is no estimating the number.. Some are known - for example the Dalai Lama is held to be the reincarnation of the Buddha of Compassion by the Gelug or "Yellow Hat" branch of Tibetan Buddhism.

How many Buddhas have there been?

There have been 28 Buddha's so far... Siddharth Gautama is the 28th enlightened person. And Nepal has seen three buddhas includiing Siddharth Gautama the Buddha.

When was City of Ten Thousand Buddhas created?

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas was created in 1974.

Why do Buddhas cut there hair?

Buddhist not Buddhas as they have not achived enlightenment shave there because.......look on google it will show you

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