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Too much.

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2012-05-09 14:02:09
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Q: How much does oil drilling cost?
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What are some cost of drilling for oil in antarctica?

There is no oil drilling allowed in Antarctica, based on the Antarctic Treaty.

What is a non economic cost for drilling oil in Antarctica?

The cost of drilling goes up with the amount of oil that needs to be drilled, because more oil means more machines

What are three costs and three benefits of drilling for oil in Antarctica?

Shell Oil has proved that drilling for oil in polar environments is not cost-effective. Shell spent about US$7,000,000,000,000 (billion) in the Arctic and abandoned its project. There is no benefit for drilling for oil in polar regions.

What are three costs and three benefits for drilling oil on Antarctica?

There is no benefit to drilling for oil in Antarctica. Polar exploration is not cost-effective, as proven by Shell Oil when they spent seven billion US dollars attempting to drill for oil in the Arctic.

How much does the drilling rig cost?

more than a lot

How rich can you become if you strike oil?

It depends on how much oil you strike. Also, unless you have commercial drilling equipment, you would not get rich from the oil but from selling the land to a drilling company.

Is commercial oil drilling and deepwater oil drilling the same?


When was the oil drilling ban amended?

the only ban on oil drilling was in 1919

Why aren't we drilling for oil here in the US?

We are drilling for oil in the united states

How is drilling for natural gas different from drilling for oil?

Drilling for natural gas is similar to drilling for oil, but gas must be liquefied before it can be shipped.

What is Offshore oil drilling?

Offshore versus onshore drilling is drilling for oil in the sea, usually an ocean, but can also be a lake.

What is off shore drilling?

It is drilling for oil in the ocean.

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