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Enculturation is learning one's own culture, a process that is influenced strongly by home and family. Acculturation, on the other hand, is learning aspects of a culture other than one's own - particularly those aspects which will enable the individual to survive in that culture.
Acculturation is learning the aspects of another culture, especially the aspects that will let the individual to survive in the culture. It is the learning process where knowledge is transferred from one culture to another.

Enculturation is learning the prescribed patters of behaviour that your culture states to give you full membership into that community. This also raises the question of whether an expatraite can ever be fully accepted into another culture.

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Q: What are the differences between acculturation and enculturation?
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What is the difference between acculturation and enculturation?

acculturation is modifying the culture or merging of cultures enculturation is the process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values

A synonym for enculturation?

interculturation acculturation

Sociologists call the process of enculturation acculturation?


What is the synonym for enculturation?

Assimilation is the synonym for enculturation.

What are the examples of enculturation and acculturation?

Acculturation is learning transferred from one culture to another. it can occur indirectly (through movies, ethnic food and television) or directly (visiting a country, interacting with people from that country). Enculturation is learning to become a member of a culture or society. It is much more difficult and some say impossible for outsiders to achieve. It may involve immersion or an extended exchange within that culture. Converting to and practicing their religious beliefs, as well as learning the language, would also be mandatory.

What term is a synonym for enculturation?

socialization is the synonym for enculturation.

What is the process of learning ones culture and role in society?


Difference between acculturation and assimilation?

Acculturation is what occurs when certain people of different cultures participate in things together and retain their own differences but assume some habits of the other. Assimilation is when people, usually minorities and immigrants, assume the dominant culture habits over time.

What is the difference between acculturation and transculturation?

Acculturation is to adopt a different culture where as trans-culturation involves more than one culture.

What is an antonym for acculturation?

Extirpate is an antonym for acculturation.

What part of speech is acculturation?

Acculturation is a noun.

How sould you use acculturation in a sentence?

i acculturation you

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