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Q: What is the total number of TV sets in the world?
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What is the total number of TV sets in the Pakistan?

As per Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) annual report 2010-11, the total number of TV sets in Pakistan is close to 12 million (Page 25 of the report)

What is the total number of households owning TV sets in India?

As per TAM Annual Universe Update-2010 over 134 million households have TV sets.

What is the number of television sets in Chile?

2.4 television sets per 1ooo people

What are the total number of TV channels in the world?

more than 10 million

How many People in the world have a television?

As of 2014 it is estimated that close to 78 percent of homes throughout the world own televisions. The number of households with TV sets is steadily increasing each year.

What country has the most television sets?

According to the 2010 world records book, Norway has the most television sets.

In 1936 how many tv sets were there in the world?

well, this is a tough question but it should be around 200-300 tv sets.

What variables are correlated?

The number of TV sets in the UK and my age.

The number of television sets per person is greatest in?


What is the number of televisions in the US?

(2.34 sets per household)

Does a correlation imply that one event causes the other event to occur?

Absolutely not! This is, unfortunately, a very common mistake. For example, my age is pretty well correlated with the number of TV sets in the world. But my growing old does not make or sell TVs and the number of TVs in the world does not age me.

How many television sets are there worldwide?

As of 2014, it is estimated that there are 1.4 billion television sets worldwide. In the United States alone, the number is roughly 300 million.

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