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All of them.

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Q: What percent of people die from old age?
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How did Confucius die of old age?

When people get old they die!

Why do people die of old age?

because people cant move on with their lives so they have to get old and die People do not die of old age, people die of age related illnesses no, its because old people get ill quicker then young you can also die from diseases like cancer. but everyone is gonna die one day even if they don't want to.

How old do you have to be to die of old age?

80+ is normally the age when people would classify your death as 'old age' but if you have no underline health problems it can be any age just as soon as your body is ready to leave this world. People who die of old age will often die in their sleep.

What is the average age at which people die?

at the age of 90 yrs. old

What will you die from?

People usually die from old age, disease, or accident.

What is the minimum age required to die of old age?

People under 78 years of age are not allowed to die of old age, and must, if they insist, die of some disease, or tragic accident that cut short their life. Of course, people over 78 years of age will die of some disease or tragic accident but we don't say that cut short their life, nor do we say they die of old age. We simply say it was a senseless tragedy and he or she will be missed. There are some people who use fake birth certificates in order to die of old age while younger than 78 but most people would prefer to die of old age legally and do their best to live long enough to die of old age.

Do most deaths happen in accidents or by age?

For the most part, they die of old age, butusually it is by accidents. About 60.5% of people die of accidents, instead of old age.

What most do most people die?

mostly from old age.

Who do people die?

Did you mean 'How do people die'? We die in many different ways - disease, old age, murder etc.

How many people die in the US every day of old age?

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How many people die from old age in the UK each year?

Over a million people die form old age in the UK each year. The UK has a population of over 60 million people which constantly changes as babies are born and people die.

Can giraffes die of old age?

Most Giraffes do die of old age.

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