Bras are an undergarment intended to support female's breasts. There are many specialty type bras, including those for nursing and mastectomies. Many studies show that bras are one of the most common clothing items to be worn in incorrect sizes. There are a few movements to help women find their correct size, including free measuring from company's such as Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood.

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Why are bras worn?

Bras are worn to support the breasts. Athletic bras are worn to help minimize breast movement while biking, running, or playing sports.


Where can Ativa sports Bras be purchased?

On there website and also on ebay


What size bra should a 12 year old wear?

all girls are diffrent


What is the smallest size bra?

24AA is the smallest volume commercially made.However, "the smallest bra size" is not something that can be answered very clearly or easily because of something called "sister sizes". A sister size is a bra size whose cups hold the same volume as another bra size.

For example, the sister sizes of the bra size 30D are:

26DDD [US] or 26E [UK]






All of those bra sizes hold the same amount of breast tissue, but the size of the band and the width and projection of the cups changes. Someone who wears a 34B has a wider ribcage and shallow, spread-out breasts compared to someone who wears a 26E, who has a smaller ribcage and narrow, projected breasts.

There are two graphics that show the relation of sister sizes. In each graphic, all the bra sizes that are in the same color row all hold the same amount of breast tissue.

United Kingdom graphic:

United States graphic:

You can see in the UK graphic, that the smallest bra sizes by volume is 28AA and 26A.

In the US graphic, the smallest bra sizes by volume are also 28AA and 26A (as well as 24B, which is not currently made).

There are six different bra sizing systems currently in use in the world. For this answer I will talk about two of them, the United States system and the United Kingdom system.

Bra companies in the United Kingdom manufacture a larger range of bra sizes compared to most United States companies, since the companies in the UK (more specifically, England) realize that the bra alphabet does not stop at DD. You can not fit every bra-wearing person (about two billion people) in 5 different cups (AA-DD) on 10 band sizes (32-50), which is only 50 different bra sizes. Unfortunately, most United States companies only make those sizes, and will measure women incorrectly so they can get them to wear a bra that doesn't fit them properly.

In the United States system, the only double letters are AA and DD, with the rest of them being just single letters. But please note that there is no standard for bra sizing in the US, and companies can label their bras whatever they want. This makes it difficult for women to buy bras from other brands because of this. The general lettering system goes as follows, but not all brands will follow this:

0 inch difference: AA

1 inch difference: A

2 inch difference: B

3 inch difference: C

4 inch difference: D

5 inch difference: DD

6 inch difference: DDD/F

7 inch difference: DDDD/G

8 inch difference: H

9 inch difference: I

10 inch difference: J

11 inch difference: K

12 inch difference: L

13 inch difference: M

14 inch difference: N

15 inch difference: O

16 inch difference: P

17 inch difference: Q

18 inch difference: R

In the United Kingdom system, each letter (except for the letter "E", and the letter "A" which has the double before it) has a double letter after it, while the letter "I" is excluded from the system entirely. The bra sizing generally follows this standard, with only a few companies that do things a little different. It makes it much easier for women to bra bras from different brands because of this. The cup lettering goes as follows:

0 inch difference: AA

1 inch difference: A

2 inch difference: B

3 inch difference: C

4 inch difference: D

5 inch difference: DD

6 inch difference: E

7 inch difference: F

8 inch difference: FF

9 inch difference: G

10 inch difference: GG

11 inch difference: H

12 inch difference: HH

13 inch difference: J

14 inch difference: JJ

15 inch difference: K

16 inch difference: K

17 inch difference: L

18 inch difference: LL

It is also worth noting that a couple of United States brands have adopted the UK lettering system as it makes much more sense. One such company is "Affinitas" and it's "Parfait by Affinitas" line. The smallest band commercially made is 28. You can also have 26 and 24 inch bands made by companies such as Ewa Michalak, or you can make them yourself. As more people start to realize that a large number of women need bands under 30", we will see more and more 28s, 26s, and 24s.


How do you have no bra on WeeWorld?

WeeWorld doesn't let you take the bra off.


I am 13 and in a 40 DDD bra size is that normal?

You have asked a very delicate question! Lets try and break this down a bit.

  • At 13, to have such well developed breasts is fairly normal. Fifteen years ago, I would have given a totally different answer, but kids are becoming adolescents earlier than ever before.
  • A 40 DDD breast is very large, though it may not be abnormal in any way. There are a few things that affect breast size, such as:
  1. Do large breasts run in the family?
  2. Are you generally fit, or are you overweight? Women tend to gain a lot of weight in their breasts.
  3. Have you been measured by a trained salesperson? Often, women are sized incorrectly and end up wearing ill-fitting bras. (I'm not suggesting that you are really a b cup, but maybe a DD?)

Teenage girls, especially with large breasts, tend to be very sensitive about their appearance. You have gone from flat chested to...not in a realitively short period of time, and are probably attracting a lot of new attention from boys. This can be uncomfortable and cause a lot of stress. I suggest talking about this with an adult whom you trust, and maybe one who can relate (a woman with large breasts.)


What is Katherine heigl's cup size?



What is the biggest size bra?

In the paper it said about a woman and he bra size was 102 ZZZ.

Therefore Answer is 102ZZZ


What is QVC Mary Beth roe's bra size?



Do Chantelle bras offer a strapless bra?

Chantelle Bras do offer a strapless bra - in fact, multiple strapless bras. One of them is the Sensua, which retails for approximately $79.90, and the other the Invisible, which retails for approximately the same price, depending on location.


What is Hilary Duff's bra size?

She used to be an A cup, but just recently she was getting married

and she boosted up to a D--can you imagine?


Is bra size A38 the same as size B36?

no... the letter is the cup size and the number is the measurement around your torso


How do you try on bras?

Keep in mind that different styles will fit differently and that you will need to find one that suits your needs. But before settling on a style, you must first find out what size you are. Bring as many bras as the store allows into the dressing room, of 2 or 3 styles in multiple sizes of each, so you can try them on in succession and compare fit.

There are 2 figures on the bra size. The number refers to size around, and the letter refers to cup size, a ratio comparing the circumference just below (or just above) the bosom to the circumference around the largest part of the bosom.There are different methods for measuring, but most people don't have a measuring tape with them, so here is what you look for:

The base--from below bosom around to the hooks in back (if a back-hook bra)-- should lie parallel to the floor. If it rides up in back, try a smaller size (#). If the elastic does not lie smoothly (cuts in) try a larger size.

The cup (letter AA, A, B, C, D, DD, etc) should fit comfortably as well. If you spill over the top try a larger size. (Demi bras are fine, and especially useful if you are between cup sizes, but the silhouette of your bosom should have an uninterrupted line.) A too small bra will hold you in a bit, but above the seam of the bra you will bulge out unattractively. A too-large cup will have puckers/wrinkles of fabric at the top or sides.

The straps are generally adjustable, but will not make a poorly-fitting bra fit better. They are an acknowledgment that some bosoms are higher up (closer to the collar bone) than others. They help keep the bra secure, but in the dressing room the bra should stay on even if you slip the straps down over your shoulder.

Keep an eye on the general amount of support you need. Larger-sized bras generally will have more hooks both for extra support and to lie flatter. Some also have broader straps, though if the bra fits properly that is less necessary.

Hooks: Sport bras (stiff elastic, pull-over) offer more compression (less bounce) but work better in the smaller sizes. There are back-hook sport bras for larger cup sizes, but they are harder to find. For example, Champion offers their sport bras in either B/C cup or D/DD. Front hook bras are pretty, and easier to reach if you have flexibility issues due to age or injury. But Front-hook bras are not adjustable, so if you normally would use the first or last hook on a bra, or if your size fluctuates, they will not fit you properly.

If you are a difficult size to find, try researching online for brands that make your size, and then see where they can be purchased. Purchasing online or by catalog is generally better suited to women who have more experience with what sizes/styles suit them and which do not.

Another factor is padding, of different varieties.

* push-up bras with padding underneath, like the infamous Wonderbra, designed to increase the overall size (appearance) of your breast and offer a bit more cleavage. * slight padding over the nipple area, so they don''t show through in a chilly office. * mastectomy bras, with pockets into which you may add fillets/cutlets (separate padding) to balance your appearance. Aside from women who have had a breast removed due to cancer treatment, many women are just naturally bigger on one side than the other. Lastly, after all that, look at what style looks good to you, from among those that fit well. A poorly fitted bra, no matter how pretty it is on the hanger, will make you look frumpy, lumpy, or classless. A properly fitted bra will not only look better, it will in the long run improve your posture and leave you with more energy at the end of the day. When trying on a bra you should bend over and then fit your breasts (with your hands) into the cups of the bra, straighten up and hook the back up.


How do you get your nipples to show through your bra?

In the 1950's bras were made so that it looked like nipples were showing under the sweaters of the time. You could find one of these bras in a store that sells fashions of the 50's and 60's. The foundation store Fredrick's of Hollywood may also still have this type of bra in stock They do have an online site. You could also try a department store foundations section, but I am not sure you will find one there. I would first try the store and then Fredrick's.


Where can one purchase Olga Bras?

Olga Bras can be purchased at Amazon. They offer many choices of color and style. Prices range from $12.00 to $38.00. Most are eligible for Super Saver Shipping.


What bra size should a 13 year girl have?

There is no average since each girl/woman is different and breast size is based on DNA.


Why do women wear bras?

Women wear bras ,ostly for support, as when moving it can be uncomfortable for them to be 'flopping' about. As the breasts are made of soft tissue and are quite heavy, they can actually be damaged by rapid motion too.

The Bra's primary function is support. In early days a corset served this need has times have changed so has how this need was handled. Many woman in the sixties felt that the bra was there to hide what woman naturally have. Your first answer was in fact true to woman that are pregnant or breast feeding wear bra's because the liner or pad is stuck to the bar to protect the clothing and Mother to be.

Women sometimes wear bras because they mistakenly believe they prevent sagging breasts. Very few cited comfort as the reason.


What is the next bra size after 36b?



What is leigh allyn bakers bra size?

At least a double d


What bra size am i 11 years?

being an age does not define your bra size if you are flat chested you really only need a training bra if you are growing and you feel them bouncing or your nippies are showing with a white or any other shirt then measure yourself and go try some on at target/kohls in the kid section make sure to try them on!


What is the smallest size of the bra?



When do girls need bras?

I would said ages 9-12 is when they should start wearing bras. It is a personal preference and what there parents think is appropriate.


Is the bra size 32F normal for a 14-year-old girl?

Well, 32 is very normal. The number part of bra size is determined from measuring below the breasts, around the ribcage. You take that number and add four or five (to get an even number.) So, you measure 27-28 inches around under your breasts. The letter is for the difference between the band size (the number) and the measurement around the fullest part of the breasts. A = 1 inch, B = 2 inches etc. Now. F is the seventh letter of the alphabet so that would make your upper measurement 39 inches. Most people, unless they are pregnant, nursing or overweight, do not have a size D. 34-B is the most frequently bought size, although a lot of people wear the wrong size. From my years working at VC I can say that there are a lot of A's and C's buying B's. Anything from a C and up can be an issue for back problems. D's and higher almost always are. They can injure your back, spine, shoulders and sometimes the chest muscles. It is cruical that you be fitted for a proper bra and the check the fit with a specialist every six months. You are carrying a lot of weight and you are still growing (not just breasts but height, weight and such can also alter your size) so you might not be able to buy one and have it fit for years. There are a lot of places that make bra sizes for people with cup sizes you just can't find in the mall. Try to get one with wide straps. The bra is supposed to hold your breasts up by pushing up from you ribcage, not pulling up from the shoulders. The straps are just to keep the cups over the breasts. The band should stay in place even when the straps are off. If you are using your shoulders to hold up your breasts it will put permanent grooves into them and be almost as uncomfortable as being bra-less. Hope this helps!


Every Bra size is normal hun. The rate that your breasts grow out depends on how quickly you develop through Puberty. Also if your Mother has large breasts then there is a good chance you may do too.

AnswerI'm also 14 years old and the same bra size. Many people have told me that my chest is pretty big, but I don't think it's not normal, it's just genes. My mom and sister are size H ( I know, it's huge :P) so I know I got it from my momma (:

I would prefer not to have them so big but I think if you work out alot thy shouldn't get much bigger, because most athlete women have almost no boobs.

Answer"You take that number and add four or five (to get an even number.) So, you measure 27-28 inches around under your breasts."

I can't let this slide. I work in clothing design and I have to point out that the above is a very outdated system. Bra band sizes now a days are taken from your under bust directly. ie...if your under bust measures 32in your a 32 band.

Your cup size is 1 cup for ever inch larger your full bust is than your under bust. 1-A, 2-B, 3-C 4-D 5=DD 6-DDD or E depending on the country, and a 7 inch difference is an F

a 32 F is entirely normal it's what I wear, odds are they sound bigger than they look.

Common mistakes..

1. If my under wire digs into my under arm my cup size must be to big...WRONG, it is more likely your band size is too large.

2. Most of the support on a bra comes from the straps ...NOPE... support comes mostly from the band. For proper support the band should sit straight across your back and not rainbow up.

3. You want a band size you can clasp on the middle row of hooks.....Also not true. The right band size should only clasp on the first row. The next few row are so as the bra gets older and the elastic wears out you can still receive the same amount of support you did when it was new.

AwnserAwww, I know how you feel hun, I'm exactly the same :) Embrace it, you know, rather that than be a 28AA :D Answer

I think that's a little big but not too bad. My girlfriends sizes go as follows:

Age 11: 34c

Age 12: 36d

Age 13 (now): 36dd

and im fine with it. i actually quite like her big boobs. But she is extremely young for a grade 9, which she is, and she is 3 cup sizes bigger than any other girls in grade 9.


Is 34A a good bra size?

It depends on how old you are like if your 11-14 and your growing boobs then your fine. But if your an adult then its not, by now you should be at least a 34B or 34C


What is the difference between a strapless bra and a regular bra?

A strapless bra is a bra that doesn't have straps going over the shoulder, while a regular bra does have straps. The advantage to a strapless bra is that you can wear them with tube tops and strapless dresses, where as with a regular bra, people will be able to see your straps.


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