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No matter how many miles you are apart, it is still the hearts that bind. Ask questions freely here about your long distance relationship and learn to love more despite the distance.

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Long-Distance Relationships

Can a long-distance relationship work?

  • Yes, they do work and it is worth it. My boyfriend and I started off as a long-distance relationship. We were four hours away from each other. The most we'd get to visit one another was probably two times a month. It was very hard! We lasted this way for about two years. Then I decided I needed to move away from NY. Now both my boyfriend and I live in Florida. We are currently making plans for our wedding next July. So you see, long-distance relationships can work out! As long as the both of you are determined to make it work, it will. It is difficult, and sometimes you might just want to end it because it hurts so much being away from one another, but they really can work out!
  • A friend of mine was just married last month and her boyfriend lived about six hours away from her. I have another friend whose fiance lives about two or three hours away from him. It's all about putting effort into it.
  • I had been with my boyfriend for a year (just out of HS) when he moved 500 miles away for college. We decided to do the long distance thing, and did it for a few years, then I moved up to him, and a year after that we got married!
  • It is worth it, so long as the person you are keeping the relationship with is worth it. You will never know if it will work unless you try. If you care about that person, you need to take risks in order for great things to happen.
  • Yes, it most definitely can. My girlfriend and I are two and a half hours apart and have been since I meet her at New Years two years ago. Trust is the main thing, if you can't trust the other person to walk away from temptation I think it would be very hardm but as long as you believe in them it will work. Having personally just graduated from college, I actually felt at times that it was a good thing to be so far apart so that I could focus on my studies without being distracted.
  • Yes a long distance relationship can work. My fiance and I started talking online last year(2003) and now we're going on our first year anniversary on February 2004. He lives in Michigan and I live in Ontario and I will be moving to Michigan as soon as possible with my girls this year. True love can survive anything and everything that comes your way good or bad.
  • Yes, The do work only if both of you want it to work. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years now and we are getting married in May. It is definitely worse it. We went through a lot of hard tough time through our relationship. But once we get together everything that we had disagreed about seemed to had gone away so quickly. We truly love each other and the long distance has made our relationship stronger and has made us know more about each other since we had to communicate well and work out our problems. I am really excited about finally being with him in May and He is too. True love can survive everything.
  • Yes they can work, but you have to invest time and want it to work. My boyfriend lives seven hours away and we see each other one weekend every month and talk everyday on the phone (aren't cellphones great!!) we love each other very much and we know that in a few months we are going to be together but even it it takes a year longer we are prepared for that, when you love someone and fully trust them and know that they are the ones you want to spend the rest of your life with, then a few months are just a drop in the bucket and definitely worth the wait.
  • Yes they really do work me and my boyfriend and I live in two different towns and I really love him we see each other when we can because we both have a busy schedule with school, sports, and work and it is going on a year we've been talking and his mother treats me very nice and on special days like birthdays, anniversary we always make time.
  • Yes it can. I am going on three years with my girlfriend and we live in different cities. In one month she is moving here and life will be truly good. Trust is the biggest issue, and if you have that down then it will be well worth the wait.
  • I've been with my fiance for almost three years (friends before we got together) so we've known each other for six long years. My fiance is stationed in Texas and I'm in Virginia. I only get to see him every six months or so, whenever he is able to generate up enough leave to come see me. If that wasn't bad enough, he was deployed to Iraq for a year, he just got back recently, but as I said, he's stationed in Texas. Next month he'll be here for a month, and I can hardly wait. I will tell you that is is very difficult. Some days you'll be in so much heartache from missing him you wont be able to stand it, but, in the end, when he comes home to visit me and I see that smiling Cheshire cat grin of his, and he wraps his arms around me & tells me how much he's missed me. It makes it all worth it. Two things you have to remember are that trust and honesty are the foundation blocks for any relationship, but especially a long distance one. Many Long Distance relationships forget. If either one of those blocks starts to crumble the relationship is doomed to fail. Trust your Sign and be completely open and honest with them. Be grateful for each email, phone call, letter, WEBCAM viewing you have with them and everything should be gravy.
  • I met my wife on the Internet by placing an ad 'Looking for a soul mate.' I won't say our relationship (marriage) works as I'm afraid it will stop working immediately. So I'll say it does not work at all. I love my wife a lot and I think she loves me too. Also you should not be so sure you'll always be apart. When I met my wife she was about 7, 000 kilometers (4, 500 miles) away from me. Now we live together for two years. Listen to your heart, it never lies to you.
  • In a long distance relationship you sacrifice time from your social life to talk to your partner on the phone or the net. You don't get to do as much as you used to and you adapt your life.
  • My boyfriend and I met at college this past year, and he lives in St Louis and I live in Chicago; we're five hours apart. If you're meant to be together, it will work, but only if you work at it. We make it a point to talk to each other and say good night to one another every night. While I hate that we're so far apart over the summer, the visits and knowing that I have him to come back to when I go to school make it completely worth it!
  • If you like each other as much as you think that you do then the relationship will work all it needs is commitment and if you both agree to this then you can climb any mountain.
  • Long distance relationship needs a lot of sacrifices. No matter how much you love each other and willing to work the relationship, if one of you cannot sacrifice and take the risk to be with the other person and then it will not work. Love that is so true and real cannot survive in a long distance relationship without future plans to be together. In a relationship the two individuals need to be together. It is already hard enough to be apart, but it is harder if none of of you is willing to move. The ultimate answer would be it all depends on the two people involved. As for me, I have found my soul mate, but it never worked out because nobody wants to 'move'. It is worth a wait for a long distance relationship, but you have to be realistic enough on how long are you willing to wait for you to be together.
  • I truly believe in my heart that it can and will. My boyfriend and I started dating two months ago while he was in town for a seminar. He lives 1200 miles away from me. We try to get together at least twice a month. (frequent flier miles!!!!) It is very lonely and depressing when he's not here, or I'm not there, but when we finally get together, it's worth it. The love is very strong, the trust is the main source that gets us through the lonely and depressing times. We talk tjree or four times a day on the phone and we go to bed at night saying bye and "I love you". If you believe in your heart and what it is saying, you will never doubt your relationship. It doesn't matter how far apart you are (it is just a bigger challenge) as long as you love, trust and honesty build your foundation to the relationship. I am a true believer when they say "Follow your heart". It will work if you want it to.
  • I think it can. I just moved 1700 miles away from my boyfriend and we're doing great. Although we're both based on "feeling" the person near us, we're doing just fine using the phone. This is my senior year and I moved almost across country. My boyfriend and I had been friends for almost a year before we started dating. We were as close as you can w/o being physical. We're still distanced by miles, but never by heart. We even have plans on what to do when we're out of high school. If two high school students can make this distance last, I think those with a true heart can too.
  • I most definitely know for a fact that a long distance relationship can work but can only work if the both of you work at it. each person in the relationship has to give the same percent and be on the same page with one another. I know this because my boyfriend and I have been going out for seven months now I know that's not such a long time but it really is. see I have never ever seen him it bad but in those 7month I learned so much about him and he learned so much about me. I think if that's all you have is communication is you talk about things that you really should discuss. I love him so much and he is worth waiting for. We talk on the phone everyday it is good to have cell phones. We don't really email each other anymore because my computer doesn't work well but we really don't need it because we have the phone. we are trying to see each other but it's kinda hard we are just 17 years old i have the money but the parents are the issue. my parents love him and his parents love me its just finding the time. we live in the same state but yet 6 hours away. im from Rochester, ny and he is in long island, ny. but we def are going to college near by so i can finally be with him. i think if you are in a long distance relationship over a relationship living together it makes you look forward more to seeing your better half. because if u see the person everyday its just the same and nothing new. but I think you value your relationship more because when you do see that person you try to spend every last second with him/her. making a long distance relationship work you need a lot of love, trust, communication, and honesty. deep down i know that my boyfriend and I are meant for each other and I know that other people can make it work too so good luck its hard but its so worth it if you think that he/she is worth it
  • It can work, but you should make some sort of plan. That will give you both something to look forward to. I needed to finish school and wait for my US work permit to come in. Now to be honest a six hour drive is really not that bad. I had to take a flight from Europe and it was sometimes hard and expensive. It depends on you stage in life as well... just going to college you are young and still changing into the person you are going to be. You'll also likely go to plenty of parties and meet lots of other people. You'll have to be able to resist that temptation.
  • I myself am in the same predicament. I met my girlfriend in a chat room a month ago but she lives in usa and me in England. I believe it can work out, but it is so tough, as im finding out. I mean you get impatient because you see other couples holding hands and in love and yet you have to wait to enjoy the simple little things that make up a relationship. I would say that trust and patience is the most important parts of a long distance relationship.
  • Most definitely! As long as both you and your partner are willing to make the sacrifices and commitment involving a long distance relationship. There are several factors that take part in a "long-distance love relationship" I'm no expert but I am in one. We all know that communication; understanding, compromise, trust, faith, honesty and most of all a lot of patience are the key. Let's not forget to mention frustration on the physical department. Whether you are two hours or thousands of miles away, there's a reason why you are in this long distance relationship. "LOVE". If you believe in love, believe in yourself and respect who you are and the other person; things will work out as planned. Prepare yourself ahead of time before getting in the "long-distance roller coaster ride" of your life. I know that problems will arise and misunderstanding will always play a big part. If you communicate well enough on the phone or email, then both should be able to dedicate the relationship to openness, trust and honesty. I know that we will always have doubts about the other person being so far away but you shouldn't feel that; if you're true to yourself, right? So, think positive and make the best of the situation. If you know that you're not the long-distance type material, don't commit. If you're not willing to give 100%, don't fool yourself or the other person. Don't lie. Feelings are no Lego blocks. Being in this type of relationship or any relationship requires a lot of understanding. It's part of life, being in love and more…that also goes for the mental and physical. These are more than things, in my opinion. You can't purchase them at a grocery store, find it in your local yellow pages or deposit it to your bank account. You can't return it when you're done with it. It's more valuable than that! So, my best advice to anyone who's in this "long-distance roller coaster" (just like me) would be…Be true to your self. Let your relationship grow, let it blossom gradually. Take care of it like a rose garden. What I mean by this is, when you know that your significant other is suffering or in pain, water it with love and Help it can grow once again. This makes for a successful "long-distance' relationship. Good Luck
  • It can work, but we must be realistic about the situation. Most high school couples do not last their Freshman year together. You have to be able to have trust in that person and vice versa. An effort must be made to keep in contact. In the world we live in today, there should be no reason why people can't keep in touch. There's email, phones, IMs, and letters if you must.
  • My boyfriend have been together for nine months now and we are both Freshmen in college. He's in Long Island and I am upstate. We both talk to each other every night, we always try to see each other whenever we can. I sacrifice everything to go see him. The last time I saw him was in August before we met up in October. Even though it kills me to be so far away from him I know we love each other and we can make it work if we try our hard enough. Love conquers all so it does work if you both really care and you both really want it..
  • I have been in the Marine Corps for one and a half years now and I've been with my girlfriend for three years now. It was hard to start because you don't know what to expect. You have to remain flexible and, like everyone else on here says, be honest, open, and trust your partner. My girlfriend lives in North Carolina and I went to Parris Island South Carolina, 29 Palms California, and now I'm in Okinawa Japan. Halfway around the world and the relationship is still alive. You have to give a little to get a little. Its hard work and only the most determined will make it work. It'll seem like hell to start, but in the end, sooner or later you'll realize how much stronger you are. I'll be in Japan for another one and half years, you just have to have the right mindset for it.
  • Yes long distance relationships can work. It worked for me because me and my boyfriend were really committed to one another. We had love and trust to make it happen. And we lived 14 hours away from each other and that lasted for two years. It was kind of hard sometimes but we got through it. You just need each other and determination. If you want it to work it can happen for you!
  • Long distance relationships can definitely work out if you put your heart in to it, there's really no stopping what wonders it will bring you in the future. I met my boyfriend online five years ago; we were friends for a little while and things began to spark a little. I sensed a strong connection and visited him eventually; it was the best day of my entire life and even though under some circumstances it may hurt to have to visit and then go back home you know in your mind and heart how much more special it will feel the next time you run into each others arms. Just keep in close touch; send sweet gifts that remind them how much you love them and appreciate them for everything they are and what they do for you. it will definitely keep them missing you and on their mind/in their dreams. Just be strong about it, be sure that you are both at least. Wanting to take part in this decision of trying out a long distance relationship and as long as you are both willing, I say it's a go.
  • I have had a long distance relationship and believe me, it was a very long distance. He lives in Australia, and I am in America. That makes us about 9,000 miles apart. Yet we have been together and have been in love and have made it work to the point where he will be coming down to see me in June/July and just today he's proposed. I swear it can work if you're both committed to making it work and jumping the obstacles that come your way.
  • A long-distance relationship can work. I live in Australia. He lives in AMERICA. 1999 to 2006. We met on the Internet on a chatsite Optichat.com. I was 14 I'm now 19. He was 16 and now 22. Spent two months in person. Money has been an issue for us. He's moving to Australia this July. We're engaged and getting married. We communicated for three and a half years on the Internet. We lost contact for one year in 2003. We always thought about each other in that time and fate brought us back. We have been very dedicated to each other communicating daily. We trust each other and are honest with each other. A long-distance relationship can't work without these three things. You look to the future. I always said what is six years to the life that we can have together. Be positive.
  • Yes they can and do work! I lived in Washington and my boyfriend lives in Texas. I couldn't move to Texas for several months. It was hard at first but if you love someone, together you can make it through anything. I am living in Texas now and I'm engaged. I am so happy and glad I chose to go through the long distance relationship while we had too instead of ending it.
  • I am seeing a Marine who lives 1,800 miles away. At times it is hard being away and things get so stressful to the point you feel so sad, but you have to have complete trust and commitment. If you do not truly both love each other, it will be hard and not worth it.
  • Yes, it can work, but it takes commitment. It truly depends on you and the person you are with. If it's just someone you met and you don't really know each other that well, and there's not much attraction it is not worth getting hurt over, but if you've known each other for awhile, know that you really like (or even love) one another, then I'd say go for it.
  • I'm currently involved in my own long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I had about two months together before he left for college two years ago. I was a senior at the time. I am now starting my junior year of college as a transfer student to another state, and he is going to graduate this year. We have already survived for two years while apart for a majority of the time. We were still in the same state (though now we aren't) and about two hours away (now we are practically eight hours away). I can tell you it's been hard, especially during the first year, but with a lot of communication, occasional weekend visits from him, and a lot of prayer, we have made it through. While it isn't official yet, we know we want to spend the rest of our lives together, once I'm out of college. Next year, when my boyfriend has graduated, he will find a job down here in my city where I am going to school at! And that will probably be where we will live once we are married as well. It just depends. Anyway, I just want to say that they can work if you are really, really committed to one another. Talking to each other every day really helps, even if it's only for a short time. Hearing his voice on the phone is 1000 times better than reading his words on the computer screen! I am grateful for all the time we could be together, though, whether actually together or just online/in a phone call. It'll be worth all the tears, heartache, pain, and frustration once I have that ring on my finger.
  • Be very open about communication and put a lot of effort into it if you want it to succeed. Now guys, this does not necessarily mean going overboard by drowning her in phone calls, e-mails, letters, and gifts. It's a mistake to try to compensate for the distance by constantly telling her you love and miss her. A few times a week and she will think it's great and anticipate the next. Go overboard and a good thing will get old. Next, when you are able to finally be together again, expect a few surprises. I don't mean critical things that he or she failed to tell you, but rather, things that are different than you had anticipated. Shyness; insecurities; hygiene; mannerisms; habits and so on. People change over time, and if you didn't know them well to begin with, you might really have some adjusting in order to fall in love with the person you thought you already loved. It will take effort while you are apart, but don't expect smooth sailing when you are finally together again. If you truly care about the person, plan to double your efforts when you come together again.
  • I live 6,400 miles away from my fiance and we've been together now for over 11 months. I've seen her in person only 60 days during the current tenure of our relationship and each and every moment that we spent together is magical. Don't get me wrong if I had it my way I'd be with her every day, but fate has it set that it isn't possible at the present moment for us to be physically together. Despite that, the distance will never keep our emotions and love for each other apart. The positive note is I learned to appreciate my relationship with my fiance that much more because nothing is taken for granted. When that time finally comes that the distance is no longer an issue I'll always remember what the two of us went through. Believe me, every time I visit I show her I stick to my word. By no reasonable doubt it has been the most rewarding out of all the relationships I've taken part in to include my late four year marriage. It can be difficult during those lonely times and due to the time zone difference, it can be at times unbearable, nut we always remember our love and dedication to each other and that's always the determining factor that simply we're in love and plan to stay in love and to get married no matter the distance.
  • Long-distance relationships can always work, as long as love is there! For example, my girlfriend lives 10,000 miles away and it may seem like a large distance, but I love her very much and that's all that matters.
  • I met my boyfriend in 2005 on a message board that we both were a part of. He was creating a site, and I joined it and became a mod on there. I was the only girl on the site, and he and I would talk together about his site and all that, eventually moving onto more personal things in our conversations. In March, we started to talk on weekends mostly for 16 hours at a time, and we talked everyday for whenever we could. They on March 7th, he wrote me a poem and said that her really believed that he loved me, my entire personality and my acceptance of him being born deaf. From then on, we never stopped talking at all, always wishing that our time would go by faster. Then in June, after school finished, I flew down to see him while I went on a college tour. We both agreed it was to see if we could really get along, and if sparks would fly... I must say, I never had been so happy before or after those two days, until I can see him again in 2006. When we had to separate again, I cried more than I ever could remember. He did the same he later told me, but didn't want others to know the same. Now, even after being together for eight months so far over a 600 mile span from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, we're still going. We have pictures of us together to help remember the fun date that we had, and we have just regular pictures of ourselves and our families to keep us in mind. He and I are going to be at the same college next year, I've already been accepted there; and he will transfer from his community college. There's never been any guy in my life that I loved as much as him, and he always tells me of his wishes for the future, after college is done, about marriage, kids, and a home.
  • Yes long distance relationship can work. The only thing is I need to see him once a month at least to be in physical contact with.
  • I reside in Hawaii and he resides in United Kingdom (due to school and work). we've been together for a few months doing a long distance relationship and we call and email each other as well as send each other gifts sometimes. I believe that if a couple can commit each other to their relationship a long distance will work out. He is planning on visiting me within the early part of next year. I have had long distance relationships for at least three years. some worked some didn't. just depends on the commitment you and your partner have. if you can do this I can say you got it good.
  • They can work only if you can see each other every so often, or, if you're living too far apart (overseas) then as long as you have a clear idea of when you will be reunited again for good. I am with my guy who is from a different country for eight months when I was on vacation and every moment with him was amazing as we are very in love. Due to family issues I had to return home and he stayed in his country due to work. Now we are still together but we are not sure when we will be reunited and despite the fact that he is dealing with the distance pretty well as he promises he will come shortly (in a few months)...I am not OK. he often tells me he loves me so much that being apart for a while is okay for him because when he gets upset he just thinks about the fact that when we do see each other how amazing it will be. Unfortunately no matter how i try to be positive like him...the fact that we don't have a date that he is coming back and things are sort of up in the air make it very difficult for me. I just don't want to put my heart on the line when although I do trust and have faith in him, but it's still so hard. I feel like because its a lot easier for him then for me that I'm suffering so much more then him and how is that fair. I think its a lot easier for online relationships to work as you have never actually had that physical contact as yet so you are still developing the relationship and it makes it fun and exciting, however you never know how the relationship will turn out once you meet the person. When you have to be separated from your loved one after being with them for a long time; it makes it much much harder.
  • If both partners are busy with high demanding careers the expectation and mindset is different. In my career most travel for living. I encounter other professionals in various fields who maintain several homes in different cities and schedule their family time accordingly. Seek what you want in the beginning and don't expect differently in the end.
  • Yes it can work for sure! A long distance relationship can be wonderful! I have been in a great LDR that has lasted seven years. For me it hasn't worked out well in the end, but that is partly my own fault. My wife and I are now about to break up. I met her in a chat box seven years ago. She lives in the US, I live in Holland (Europe). We chatted, emailed, called a lot and after two years I met her for the first time in the US. It was always so great when we were together. I visited her on average three times a year. We love each other like crazy. Eventually we got married, that is almost three years ago now. I stayed in Holland and she stayed in the US. We had a relationship that defies all odds. I'm very much older than her, she has a different religion, culture and background. Her parents would have never accepted me and she had to always keep me a secret to her family. For her it was impossible to leave the US, so I always went to her to visit her. We spent such wonderful times together. I have never been in a better, more intense relationship before. No matter how much we love each other, our relationship was doomed from the start. She could never move to Holland and I couldn't be with her in the US, because of her family. Last week she told me that she couldn't do it anymore. She doesn't believe that we have a future together. She is still young and wants to move on. A LDR doesn't have to end like this at all. I know from my own experience that if you both are dedicated, you can easily make a long distance relationship work and it can be a wonderful relationship too!! But it won't last for ever, it depends on how patient and committed you are. If you don't make plans to somehow be permanently together, you will lose each other eventually. If you love each other a lot, that will overcome all difficulties! I hope this message helps all people who are wondering if their LDR has a chance to work.
  • I have been with my boyfriend for seven months now and I love him to bits, but I want to move in with him next year and I don't know how to do it as I am only 17 (will be 18 soon) and live almost two hours away from him and have a training job. By then my training should have finished, but I don't know how we will afford it and what order I would do things. e.g. get new job, get place etc.
  • The odds are 50-50. You should try to visit each other and keep in touch as much as you can, you should have an idea and agreement on future plans. Have you met his family and friends, and has he met yours? Do you all get along pretty well? I've had a lot of friends crash and burn with net relationships, on the other hand, people who are willing to invest more time into a long distance relationship are more likely to succeed.
  • The real question is, do relationships work out, period? Just because you have more face-to-face time, does not guarantee success. As far as my long distance relationship is concerned, it has worked for my guy and me. I met my guy the week before he was moving out of town to return to college (2000 miles away.) We had a fabulous week together, then he drove off into the sunset. I never thought I would hear from him again, but then, the phone calls and the emails started, and next thing I knew, he sent me a plane ticket to visit. That was two years ago, and now that I have graduated from college, I am headed his way (he still has a year or so left at his school, plus I'm considering his school for graduate work). We made time for each other, made visits, met each others families, had mutual vacations. We dated other people in the beginning, but always phoned each other and wrote each other, little mix CDs of "our soundtrack", etc. When we knew that we wanted to spend more time together, I took the break from school in summer and spent it with him in his town, then he did the same for me in mine; sort of a test, I guess, to see if we were as good in person as we were "cerebrally" speaking. Then we got exclusive- he even came out in the middle of his finals for my graduation! It will be nice to see him from now on.
  • It all depends on the people involved. If you are both truly committed to making it work, and willing to do without the constant physical contact, then yes it can work. Trust is essential. You have to know that your partner will stay true to you even though you are far apart. The other thing I recommend is to agree that if either one of you feels it isn't working, talk about it. Communication is very important in any relationship, especially a long distance one. Make dates to see each other so you have something to look forward to!
  • They can, but as a lot of people here already said, a lot of work has to be put into it by both people. Also, the longer the distance, the more difficult it can be, especially when it comes to traveling ( such as expenses and how often you can visit each other). Finally, although a couple may totally be in love with each other while being miles apart and seeing each other makes them fall more in love with one another, some people may realize after a visit or a couple of visits that it hurts them too much to see the one they love then have to leave again, and therefore, may feel like it's better for them and the other person to find someone closer.
  • Most people shared their experience and most of them, though apart, but still in same country (the U.S) my fiance is from Australia and I am in Malaysia. By flight it will take about seven hours. I saw him only about twice a year. I have no answer for you, if long distance relationship works or not, but I have been with my boyfriend for about seven years. Understanding, honesty and communication are important. Technology may be advanced nowadays where you can keep in touch through email, phone calls etc, still, I feel trust and honesty is something that you both have to deal with to keep the relationship going, be it long distance or not. If one of you intends to cheat on the other, set aside the question of distance, even you see him/her everyday, stay together, he/she may still be able to cheat on you.
  • You should do with what makes you happy. If you cannot see your boyfriend, but you are longing to, and it hurts, it is easier to move on. People by nature do not to lose anyone or anything, but sometimes it is better. Maybe you could find someone that is closer, because if you love someone, you need to be close to them and see them often.
  • Though most of the replies says yes that long distance relationship really work, but the question is, are you willing to sacrifice yourself to the one you love? The importance of a long distance relationship comes only in one goal, this goal must exist in your relationship coz if not you can never tell that it is working or not, trust and faith to each other is the way for a successful long distance relationship, though we are now dependent of this what we call the era of technology like e-mail, phone-calls, etc.
  • People miss the human contact. It could work if you already had a serious relationship prior to the distance, but they often drift apart. One should move to the other.
  • I believe it could work out if you can afford it. Ive been chatting with a man on the phone for a few weeks now. We haven't met face to face. We met online. I have feelings for him and he feels the same about me. I'm from Minnesota and hes from Ireland. We live too far away from each other....and learned we wouldn't be able to afford to see each other because we're both poor. I would love to meet this guy someday! He told me if I went to visit him in Ireland he wouldn't want me to leave. We both live separate lives. A long distance relationship isn't just about trust, sacrifice, and all other things it's also about having enough money to see each other. Not everyone can afford a relationship. Its reality. I wish he lived here or I lived there so it would work out; it's really sad, but that's the way it is. We remained friends and chat on the phone everyday; email each other, IM each other. If you still can do that then you can still be happy. Life will go on.
  • Ultimately, it depends on your reasons for wanting the relationship. I would say that if it is "just a relationship", and you are in no way sure whether you want to have others or not in the future/carry on experimenting, that kind of stuff, then you should think hard. The danger is that you could be wasting your time, and your time as a young person is precious. If you need to experiment, and develop as a person, then I think its wrong to carry on a long distance relationship. Its hard, because its an artificial position to be in - and you're unlikely to really discover this naturally, as limited time together means limited opportunity to see cracks which might emerge. So the decision to end it can seem much harder, almost impossible!
  • On the flip side, if you know this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you have spent enough time with them to know that for sure, then of course you should keep it going, but as many others have said, this should include firm commitments to get married or move in together. If you have doubts about that, then its got to be wrong.
  • If you find yourself attracted to other people, wanting to go out and party etc. but constrained by the thought of your distant partner then again, I think you are in the wrong position to carry on a long distance relationship. The cruelest thing is if you suspect this person could be the one, but you don't know yet. All I'd say is that you've got to, if at all possible, get your self in the position where you can find this out (i.e. living together), and as soon as possible! Otherwise, you are just wasting your precious life, and letting other people slip by.
  • I must say that long distance relationship sometimes work and sometimes not. For the fact that, both parties should really have to develop within themselves the real and true meaning of love, which comprises trust, maturity , honesty and acceptance. You should learn how to trust your partner while he or she is away. Meaning, there should be no doubts, and jealousy but only understanding that should transmit to both of you. True love can be tested in times like these, where two people in love with each other both live in different places. There maybe some things that you don't know about the person but if he is honest enough with your relationship, he or she will not hide anything from you.
  • It's true that a lot of such relationships fail but I believe that a long distance relationship can work. Its far different from having your partner near you but if you truly love the person, you will walk through any storm in your relationship. A little trust is needed since you won't be seeing each other for periods of time. Despite the distance, there are different ways of maintaining the relationship. Just be sure that you do not forsake communication. It is very important.
  • I've noticed that there seems to be a big difference between people who have already established their relationship before going long-distance and people who have always been long distance. It depends on each person's loyalty and determination, as well as the strength of the relationship; you're taking a big risk that you might not get along so well if you spent most of your time in the same town. Risk means that for some people it works out great when they eventually live together and for some people it turns out that the "long-distance" was hiding a lot of surprises about non-compatibility!
  • No and Yes, it all depends on the person whom you are dating. For example: my ex-fiance and I lived far apart, he in Pennsylvania and I am in Texas. He would visit me a lot but then things got worse because he cheated on me with another woman and thought I wouldn't have known, that's why it is always good to go with your intuition and your heart! He finally gave in and told me the truth, but the worst thing was before he admitted on cheating on me, he had called me to call the wedding off and called it quits for no reason at all! and yes, I use to have all the love and faithand especially trust for that man whom now I refer to as an idiot now until he had cheated on me! Now, he knows eternally in his heart he lost a wonderful lady! He said so himself and regrets it.
  • I do believe there's a chance that long-distance relationships have a better chance if the couple was together first. After all, in that situation, they've already proven that they can handle a "real" relationship. I really do not think a "new" couple can get to really know each other long distance. How is that even possible when you don't get the chance to see them day to day and in normal everyday situations? I hate to throw a wrench in the works and say something negative after all folks have said here, but I really have to ask (except for a military assignment) Why someone would stay in a long-distance relationship for over six months or years. I would think that someone would move to be closer to the other by that point.
  • It depends on how faithful the person is I feel like it will work because my boyfriend is two hours away from me, but we are still together so you just have to have trust.
  • I can't so yes or no because I would have said yes a month ago. It depends on who and how your relationship begins. It's really hard and the most important thing you must do is communicate. I still love my ex; he lives four hours away and we use to try to see each other two times a month at least, but school is getting in the way and so we didn't talk much and we went down hill. He still loves me and I love him.
  • It may work and it may not! It depends on how much you love the person. Depends if it's worth it or not and how do you know if it's worth everything. 'Tis only your heart that could answer!'
  • It all depends on how strong your relationship is. If it's strong and both partners are willing then it will work. But if both partners are weak and not willing, it won't work.
  • You must be willing and committed to the relationship in order for the long distance to work. I was with my boyfriend for six months before ending it. I was four hours away from him. The feeling was somewhat mutual. I didn't want it to end but saw it in the best interest to do so because I knew that if done soon enough, we would have another chance at being together again. We've been apart for two months and I miss him and love him still. I am moving closer to him for college purposes in august so hopefully we can be together again. But yes, long distance relationships do work out for the most part. The two of you just need to talk things through, and dedicate to it.
Long-distance relationships CANNOT work
  • It didn't work on mine. my boyfriend broke up with me just last week, a month after I left the UK. We argued a lot before that. It hurts. Communication is important. I have to say that all trust, misunderstanding problems come if you don't know how to communicate properly.
  • I think long distance relationships do not work, especially if the couple stays apart for long periods of time. Feelings are like anything, they are born then they die at one point sometimes sudden death. Suddenly, you find yourself out of love with your partner or vice versa.
  • I don't think it does. If its not another woman / women that will attract you in college (and trust me, there are lots of those), then its the commitment you put in and the anxiety that you will cause yourself when you think about her. Things like is she being faithful? Can I commit? can I do better? What's the point? Be a realist, if you like her but don't want the pressure then break up and attempt to keep the friendship.
  • My answer is "no." I'm reading a lot of the posts here and people are saying they've had long distance relationships for six months or a year or for years. Seeing someone every once in awhile or once a month and talking on the phone is not a relationship! Of course if neither party leaves permanently for someone else, then this situation will 'work.' You don't have the reality of every day life, money problems, things not in common, religion, etc., to really test the bond between the two people. I had a long-distance relationship (1,500 miles apart) for almost a year. It was always sweet and romantic. After all, the time we did have together was all romance. We'd somehow managed to sustain the original 'three month' honeymoon phase of the relationship for a year. We never argued or got mad at each other. The time we had was precious so everything was always wonderful as long as our time was few and far between.
  • In reality, the phone bills and travel expenses were enormous, and huge amounts of time were spent planning our time together. Entire weekends had to be reserved and planned to spend together instead of just him coming over and us just spending an evening alone. When we did spend a lot of time together we realized we weren't as compatible as we first thought. People change when apart, also. Why do you think so many military relationships end?
  • A relationship is about love and sexual relations. If you want to deny this fact then you are not being honest! The truth is that men and women need each other and love grows with time and you need to spend time together in order for a real relationship to work. If you are in fairy tale land and you believe that a man or woman can stick to one person while they are away then you are lost in a dream. The reality is that we all need someone and we need sexual relations with them. If we do not get the physical and mental attention that we need we look else where for it! Come on, stop lying to yourselves, what's the point? A guy thinks about sex every two minutes, how do you think that any male species will stay faithful for longer than a month. Cheating is not only physical but mental as well. Same applies for women; the only difference being is that the documentation of women's infidelities is less because we are better at concealing the truth!
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Should you go to the person who needs you more or the person you love?

If you are asking about marriage... marrying someone because they need you, or you need them, is a recipe for a bad marriage.

If you are talking about a one-off good deed, I would say that it is probably worth going out of your way for someone in need.

If you are talking about a long-term situation, apart from marriage... on one side, there is the fulfillment that comes from self-sacrificially helping someone, and on the other side there is the loss of missing out on spending a slab of your life with a loved one. Without knowing more, I would say that making a long-term decision to miss out on a loved one, to help someone who is not a loved one, would probably be dysfunctional.

Long-Distance Relationships

What are good dirty dares for long distance relationships?

Dare him to:

Take a picture of his dick

Put peanut butter on his dick and have his dog like it off

Do a strip tease with the blinds open

Wear women's underwear

Dare her to:

Kiss another girl

Drip candle wax on her boobies

Make a homemade pair of crotchless panties

Long-Distance Relationships
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What are some things to buy boys for Valentine's Day?

Don't get him anything too girly; just get him something that he would normally enjoy for his birthday like something with his favorite sports team on it.

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What dose unique mean when guy says to a girl?

If you mean that when a guy says that a girl is unique, it certainly means that you are unique from other girls; different. If he is saying this about a girl, then it usually means he likes that she is different, likes her differences, and also a way of being verbally affectionate.

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What to say to a girl loves you?

Think about it carefully before responding. If you reply "I love you too", then that implies something that women generally accept on a deep emotional basis and, if you did not mean it, especially if you said it just to get her to agree to sex, then you are going to create major problems for a long time.

Be truthful and candid. If you love her, say so, but if you are still trying to sort out the relationship, say that or something equivalent instead. She will respect you for your honesty - believe me.

"I love you, too" is not just "something that women generally accept on a deep emotional basis." Men are identical in their sentiment. One myth to dispel in romanticrelationswith theoppositesex is the idea that women and men arefundamentally different.

Just think, honestly, what do you want out of your relationship and what would you want to hear? And be honest and try to have a communicative ability above an 8th grader. Many problems in relationships are caused by an almostimicilicability to communicate. use your words, be an adult and be honest.

And remember, it isn't all about you. If the other person doesn't love you, accept it.

Long-Distance Relationships

How can I make my medium distance relationship work?

Just take it slow and let him/her know that you want it to go farther but not straight up. They will think it's weird. I've been through this too.

Long-Distance Relationships
Spanish to English

What does Yo te amo mean in Spanish?

  • In Spanish "Te amo" means i love you. <3
Long-Distance Relationships

How should you deal with a spoiled girlfriend's childish tantrums?

By walking away and not paying any attention to them, just like you would a two year old.


Just your sweetness and ride on her craziness...

Long-Distance Relationships

How do you move forward after the break-up of a long-term relationship?

It feels really sick after break up. If there is still any hope then you should try to sort things out. Else you should start diverting your mind in other activities , that will help you get over it.

Long-Distance Relationships

What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you if you are in a long distance relationship?

Less contact. Otherwise, there are no ways to know - if you don't want her to know- don't mention it, and she doesn't spend enough time with you to see your body language or changed habits. Oh, and the gut feeling can play funny tricks when on a long-distance relationship, so mind that.

  • If you have been phoning or emailing each other and he contacts you less and less. If he was making an effort on his holidays or long weekends to come see you and he has stopped doing this, then it sounds like he has lost interest. Long distance relationships are tough to hang onto and please take solace in the fact that there are so many people who have long distance relationships that break-up. I would simply go visit him and see what is up (if you can) and communicate one-on-one and find out where your relationship stands. If he's ignoring you, then you must move on. There are a lot of other nice guys out there.
  • Two words: Unavailability and Inconsistency..these two things ALWAYS mean something is up.
  • Trust your intuition. I didn't think my boyfriend would ever cheat but there was this gut feeling that wasn't there before. The signs you should look for:
  1. His contact pattern with you changes. He doesn't instant message, call or send emails as often (or he starts sending more of them to cover up) or changes his routine times for doing these sorts of things, ie. he is unavailable when he used to available. Rather than wanting to spend all night chatting he has to cut his conversation with you short to "do something". I noticed my CBF's IM messages to me were lagging when we were online. I found out it was because he was talking to me and someone else at the same time.
  2. He starts talking about new places he "checked out on his own" or with new "friend(s)" when he is really not that kind of guy. Or, he starts talking to you about topics that never interested him before and not related to his work but is now compelling to him.
  3. He stops sharing details about his life. For instance, you have to draw out who these "new friend(s)" are and how they met etc. You may also notice when you are in town you never get to meet the "new friend(s)" because he wants to spend 24/7 with you (not true, but you will want to believe it). You may also notice that he doesn't take you to the "cool place" he discovered when he was out and about on his own or with his new "buddy". He gets angry at you or accuses you of controlling, snoopy or being bossy when you ask about his new friends. He reminds you that he is allowed to have friends that are just his friends not yours.
  4. He no longer wants you to tag along to the grocery store, to get his hair cut or other little errand (you will find he was off making a call to her or trying to meet with her). Before he wouldn't dream of leaving you at home alone.
  5. Rather than begging you to come down and see him he encourages you to catch up with your friends or work over the week-end or tells you that he has to work all week-end himself and he won't have much time for you if you come down so you might want to think of staying home (truth - he has a date with someone else).
  6. When you come down to see him he has spruced up his place or asks you to help him pick out some new towels or plates or some other housekeeping item he has never showed an interest in before (he wants to make a good impression on the new woman). Ditto on the clothing front. If he has invested in new clothes and is on a diet chances are pretty good that he isn't doing it to look good for you.
  7. You notice new bath products in the bathroom. New linens in the bedroom. Fresh flowers already in a vase looking a couple days old in his house. Or things that you placed in the bathroom are moved or no longer there.
  8. His computer now has a password when it didn't before. You notice that he now wipes out the history files on his computer (this is to make sure you can't follow what he has been up to - can you say dating web site). He switches the computer screen when you walk into the room or tries to hide the screen from you. He turns his computer off or no longer wants you to use it to surf or check your email.
  9. His car smells different or he starts using cologne or buys a new scent when he never used the stuff before.
  10. He starts being short or critical with you over little things. Or asks "why you don't ever ....." (fill in with something the new woman does he likes or even dislikes).
  11. He makes sure you have all your stuff before you leave. Before he began cheating my CBF could care less if I left something behind because I would get it another time.
  12. He switches tenses. When he used to talk about the two of you he is now just talking about himself, ie. "We should go to..." is now "I should go to ...". Other examples: "We should get a puppy" is now "I have been thinking of getting a puppy" or "Where should we go on vacation this year" is now "I am thinking of going to ..." or "Our house" is now "My house". Little subtle and not subtle shifts in talking.
  13. He comments on you losing or gaining weight when you have done no such thing. (Someone else he has been grabbing onto is bigger or smaller than you.)
  14. He likes clothes on you he used to hate on you. For me it was pointy toed pumps. My CBF used to hate it when I wore them and asked me not to wear them when we went out together. After he started cheating he told me he loved pointy toed pumps and I should get a pair.
  15. He starts accusing you of cheating on him when you are not together. This is reverse psychology or him trying to sooth his own. He may also start complaining more than usual about the long distance thing. He may encourage you to move to where he is or question where the relationship is going to. Instead of wanting to seriously talk about it though he quickly changes the topic. Again, this justifies in his mind his cheating.
  16. You catch him in a series of small nonsensical lies.
  17. He seems to have less money to do things with or doesn't want to go out and do things with you. (He is spending his money on dates with the new woman and is either pooped out from all that entertaining or doesn't want to risk being scene in public with you.)
  18. Your gut/intuition/6th sense whatever is screaming at you something is just not quite right.
  19. Please be reminded that they will lie, lie, and bold fast lie even though you may not have ever known them to be a liar about anything ever before. They will call you paranoid, psycho, jealous, unreasonable and just crazy because they love only you. I hit my CBF with cold hard irrefutable evidence of his cheating and he still lied about it.

Well the answer above is good but coming from a guy id say my friend told me he was cheating and i always went over 2 his house when his gf came over i had 2 hide under the bed or in the closet he truly did oblivious lieing. u should be able 2 tell if hes lieing.

1. When he acts different then usual.

2. When he thinks its all about him and refers to things that only has to do with him.

3. When you ask him a question about what he is doing, then he answers you with another quesstion.

4. When you tell him you love him and he hesitates to answer.

5.You catch an STD from him-disease -

sexually transmitted

6.Lube all over his arse-affair with another man

7.Too many calls from a number registered under a man's name-a trick or

Too many calls from a family member.Go through his mobile for these numbers when he is in the shower.

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What is the meaning of complicated?


It means difficult to analyze or understand; advanced, hard.

A relationship that is "complicated" is one that is unusual, has its ups and downs probably more frequently than most, or is unconventional in some way. The meaning of complicated is something that is difficult and not straightforward because of many different aspects.

Long-Distance Relationships
US Military Spouses & Families

Can a long-distance marriage work in two military services?

It depends on the people. But if both want to make it work, it will. You can always talk to your boss' and see if you can be stationed near or with each other. A lot of times they will work it out for married couples.

Like it says above, it depends on the people. I happen to work in a job where i deal with a lot of people who seem to like cheating. It always seems as soon as the wives husband goes on deployment not even 2 hours later they get caught cheating, and same with husbands with wives leaving. I made it one of my points to never start a relationship with someone who is in the military. But it't up to you.

It's called "join spouse" when two military members get married they are required to fill out this form. The form gives you three options (I think). They are: Station us together, give us the option of being stationed together, don't bother stationing us together. There may not be a lot of options depending on your jobs. As a side note: only one quarter of tech school marriages last beyond four years (notice how that is the length of one enlistment?). Be sure you know what you are doing! Good Luck.

Well from my experience I am in the Air Force and my husband is in the Navy. It took 9 months after we got married to get stationed together. So yes you have to fill out the join spouse paperwork and so does your spouse and they have to want the same thing you do. If not it won't work and it can take anywhere from 1 month to a year. Depends on your job. And I agree about the tech school marriages. I seen them build up and fall down. I have been in 6 years nothing wrong with taking it slow. Long-distance marriages can work but it takes dedication that you don't gain from someone else or overnight it has to be something you are willing to do. All a part of marriage is sacrifice so if you are ready for that life hun GOD SPEED!! And another thing the military will try to station you together but it may not happen it is in the best intrest of the armed forces. You have other options such as trading to get to a closer base. But that is an out of pocket expense, while join spouse is government funded.

Don't Do It!

Yes, of course, everything is possible! We can win the Lottery tomorrow! We can inherit a million dollars from a rich uncle in Bolivia! But, let's be real. Chances of a good marriage when you live apart are slim. This is a bond that can only work if you intend to get out of service in a few years. You must find a way to live together to construct a relationship. Having been in the service myself, I know all about the distractions and, of course, there are many. More on "CompatibleLives.com"

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What are some good songs about missing your girlfriend?

Try the song "Missing" by Everything But the Girl. "I miss you...like the deserts miss the rain."

Long-Distance Relationships

Why would your boyfriend cheat on you when you do everything for him?

  • He is immature and trying to prove his manhood. Most cheaters are insecure about the size of their penis and need women to lie (as all women will lie about the mans penis being perfect size to him. He will realize what he had with you one day, but you take your kind heart and save it for a real man. There are so many men out there, good men who don't doubt their ability to satisfy a woman and you need to find him!
  • He has no love and respect for you and has taken complete advantage of your love and kindness. He is still a child and needs to grow up. Many men out there will love you for doing even less for them than you are doing. Get rid of him, otherwise you will become even more upset and depressed and your life will be ruined. He may even hit you and put you down mentally so get out now while you can.
  • You should ask yourself these questions: Why are you with him? Why do you care? Don't ever waste your time caring about something or someone who isn't taking the time to worry about you.
  • It's not about you it's all about him. You can give him the moon and he will never be satisfied. Cheating is like a drug; it gives them this Euphoric rush that he is doing something secret behind your back. Men are weak...someone strokes their ego and they fall "victim" to the prey.
  • Did you read the question you typed? Helping to answer "Why would your boyfriend cheat on you when you do everything for him?" You do it all for him. Let him do for himself. I'm not saying that's the total reason he cheated, but being co- dependent it's is not good for you.
  • He may be the type of cheater who prefers the hunt of a hard to get prey. He is useless for a relationship. Don`t do anything for him and look somewhere else.
  • Sometimes, in relationships its hard to express what you really want from the other person, so you look elsewhere and when you find that person you try to mold them to have the same qualities as the woman you cheated on. If it is a sex thing it can be fixed. That does not excuse it or make it right.
  • Some cheat for sex 99% of the time, it's up to the woman to also play her role and satisfy the man. I was in a situation where I tried to enhance the sexual relationship but if there is cooperation from the two, the man is forced to look for elsewhere.
  • Because some men love to chase, it's their nature. Plus They only want what they can't have! So it doesn't matter how devoted you are, they will never be satisfied. If you have already done your best in this relationship, then tell yourself it's OK to leave. Chances are he will regret it someday after you left him.
  • Because he's having fun and not ready to settle down. It would wise for you to dump him and don't look back. Either that or persevere with him if you think you can tame a wild man, but be ready for it to happen again.
  • The magic words you just said "You do everything for him!" A couple should be kind to each other and share, but when it's one partner doing all the giving and the other one taking advantage of this (it often happens) then it's time to move on. Talking to these people who are "takers" isn't worth the energy because they will continue on the way they are. You can do better!
  • Some men cheat for many reasons. Some cheat for the pleasure and excitement of the act. Some cheat because of encouragement from others. Some cheat because of unfulfilled sexual desires. Some cheat because of unhappy relationships. Some cheat to compensate for personal (emotional) weakness. Sex has a lot to do with excitement. It is all in the way some people perceive things. It is all about those things that excite the person. Some people become erotic with scents, same sex, places etc. So sex is all about what makes people erotic. Some people react with myopic emotional prejudice without taking all the relevant information into consideration. Before following someones advise you must consider all that you have to gain or lose. Have you done anything to create the present situation? You need to determine for yourself, if you have any of the following problems. Is your Boyfriend abusive and uncaring? Is there is a lack of passion/excitement in your relationship? What are the things about you that he loves? What are the things about him that you love? Are you making the effort to satisfy his sexual needs? Is he a good and loving person? Do you all have a good level of communication? How does he demonstrate to you that he cares for you? After you answer these questions honestly, consider what your relationship is worth to you and make a rational decision!
  • You have already gotten hurt so ask your self this: Do you want to get hurt again?

i would just call him off and tell him its over i have nothing to do with us
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What does he mean saying we can't be apart that long?

"we can't be apart that long" means that his idea of closeness would be violated by that particular length of time. It might be good to ask him how long feels okay for him and then help him to clue into intensity by asking, okay so three days feels safe, now on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being no problem at all and ten being absolute discomfort, where does five (or whatever number) days feel? If he's at a five or lower, then it's livable. If it's higher than that, you need more conversation. You could ask him if there are specific things you both could do that would help him to bear an absence, like regular phone calls, IM's etc.

Long-Distance Relationships

How do get your lover back if it is long distance?

If its possible, move closer to them. This shows that you are willing to sacrifice your own lifestyle for them but try to leave it open to whether you return to your home or not, so if it didnt work out, you wouldn't be left looking like a prat! Take a trial run in their area, and see what happens!

I don't think that moving closer to an ex is neccesarily the right idea. Why did you guys break up in the first place? Was it the distance that was too hard? If so, perhaps your relationship just wasn't as strong as you think and you need to face the fact that it wasn't grounded as completely as you thought. If it was jealousy, then those issues need to be addressed rather than the distance itself. I'm not saying that proximity doesn't make things easier, I just think that if a relationship can't withstand miles then maybe it can't withstand a lot of things and you need to reevaluate the strength of what compels you to be together. If you, yourself, feel ready to sacrafice your geography for the sake of another, please please be sure that your partner does to. Don't rearrange your life for someone who wouldn't do the same for you, because then you leave yourself behind for them. Have a conversation about the distance first, about the relocation first...and make sure that the distance taking its toll on your relationship isn't an indication of another, less obvious but perhaps more damaging, strain on you two.

Ansend letters. That always works for me. but seriously if the strings aren't treading then get over it. If you can't seem to let them go, then do something about it. conversation is the key.


I would not make a move closer unless things were better. It could appear as stalking, or aggressive and then what would you have? Maybe email once a week light letters about what is going on with your life (and live your life), if it is ment to be the Ex might be prompted to want to re-enter your life. Try to havwe zero expectations of them and don't add guilt or sorrow make yourself someone they Want to be with. Hope this helps.


It's hard having a long distance thing, believe me i know. If you can't do anything to make it work, move on.

well i went to see this guy that i was talking to for about a year and a half,on Skype gmail sending pictures he also he was living his girlfriend he got in trouble i helped him to find an apartment 9me in h|olland he in Oklahoma usa we talked daily for hours he was really faithfull and begged me to go he wanted me needed me was madly in love with me he told me all his history of being abused as a child we were real friends i was teaching him Dutch was more envolved then only love and fysical atraction ! he sent me videos i sent him videos we were really close! the diasaster strikes he got acused of something very bad and had to leave his house directly and go to court .i stood by him talkink on the phone daily i did what i could.he was declared innocent,his life went on but now he was living alone! this was in April and ha said he couldn't live without me anymore,i told him if he was sure he said yes,i told him he neede sometime alone and that i would go in October and we went on talking ,getting in contact everyday as always !in october when i got there to spend 3 months with him 10 hours after i got there he said he wasnt atracted to me,and that our relationship was over.but before this happenned we had sex 2 times and i noticed something was wrong with him.so i asked should i go back to Europe then he said no,we could still be good friends he wanted me to stay ,i did.then he changed completely he ignored me went gaming on the PC when he got home from work and left me there,once in awhile he would stop and make aconversation and then back!i wanted to lkeave i was devasted and confused but i got the flu had fever etc...everytime i wanted to leave he would tell me see you don't get what you want so you leave.........and i stayed also because i wanted to stay in contact with him i loved him i was sad confused and ashamed o go back so soon!istayed 2 months he started telling me if i left he would never talk to me again.......then he started watching porn,flirting when we went to do groceries and direct look at me to see my reaction.........he never hugged me and if i did touch me he said don't do that friends do dothat with each other...........i know now i did let him do this to me....my self esteem is gone i am depressed sad afraid of trusting people again and he wont call me or emailme ! he did 2 times sent me an email saying he didnt want to start conversations with me again but he wanted to know how iwas and he was thinking about me!i sent him one email back and he said he wont nothing to do with me anymore! it has been a yer ago and now he was on skype and told me that he had a new girl and she was just like me only better! then he told me no maybe he was talking to a man and that he could be gay,and now he said was a joke and with that girl was over and that he still don't want anything to do with me........i know i should hate him and i do but i am still not over it is very humiliating what i have been trough and i wanted to help him he works very hard low salary and 3 kids.........he havent any friends he is totally isolated! i know i have to think about myself.....but i still worry about him.........maybe i don't deserve better please don't move out let him go to you!

Long-Distance Relationships
History of the United States

Why did you make the US?

Because we don't like Canada.

Long-Distance Relationships
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Why do boys want for Valentine's Day?

Chocolate, a gift card from Game Stop, or perhaps some homemade cookies or brownies would be a good gift.

Long-Distance Relationships
Teen Dating

Why doesn't he call when he says he will?

Only he can really answer this question. However, there is various reasons, he may just not want to talk to you, he may have forgot, he may be busy, he may not be able to use the phone there could be one of many reasons. You may want to ask him or relax let him come to you - if he wants to call he will if he doesn't don't let it bother you - enjoy life, move on and have fun!!

Teen Dating
Long-Distance Relationships
Preteen Relationships

Why do they say boys and girls instead of girls and boys at the boys and girls club?

They just say what comes first alphabetically. "B" comes before "G" so it's boys and girls club.

Long-Distance Relationships

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand tight?

He's really nervous. and he doesnt wanna mess up cause he LIKES YOU

Long-Distance Relationships

Does Richard Armitage smoke?


Long-Distance Relationships
Teen Dating
How To

How to know if a guy is jealous?

Remember that there is a fine line between him being possessive and him being jealous, which isn't always bad in a relationship.

If his attitude changes(be it him upset, angry, annoyed, somewhat clingy, etc) whenever you're around other guys or talk with them, and especially if the other guys show to have an attraction towards you can mean he's jealous. (Him being possessive would mean him irrationally flipping out because of this.)

Long-Distance Relationships
US Navy

Can a long-distance relationship work over 2-3 years after falling in love within 7 months?

2-3 Year Long Distance RelationshipIt can, but if you're looking for a permanent relationsip you should find a way to overcome the distance barrier. Long distance relationships can be troublesome.

Read on for more comments about long-distance relationships:

  • It depends on the people. If both are willing to make it work, it will work. It will be hard and if you never get to see each other it will be harder. If you can't even talk on the phone or through email, it might not work. Then there really isn't a relationship. But if you get to communicate in someway and you both want it to work and try to make it work, it can work out. It really depends on the people involved.

well i dont not believe in long distance relation ships cuz i had one and i really liked this person but it didnt work even though they oh i love u ill never hurt how do you really know that he/she can be flirting ight behind your back!!!

They definitely can theres many ways too be with your partner: texting, phone calls, email, instant messaging, webcam and even occasional visits. it works if both people want it to work and you have to trust there not flirting behind your back. Many people who relationships are short distance flirt behind the others back and cheat anyway and if your soulmate happens to live far away then you can make it work if you truly love them


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