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A full contact team sport, rugby union originated in England. The sport uses an oval shaped ball and involves running with the ball in hand on a 100 by 70 meters field.

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Rugby Union

How many players are on a rugby union team?

There are 15 players per team playing on the field at any one time.

However, professional rugby teams typically consist of 22 players. This includes 15 named starters with 7 substitutes. In addition to these 22 there will be up to 10 additional players who are continuously trying to gain a spot on the starting lineup. Professional and representative teams also have academies, where youth players develop in the hope of playing for their pro or rep side.

In the starting fifteen there are 7 backs and 8 forwards.

15: Full Back

14: Right Wing 11: Left Wing

13: Outside Centre (centre)

12: Inside Centre (second five eighth)

10: Fly Half (first five eighth)

9: Scrum Half (half back)

8: Number 8

7: Openside Flanker 5: Number 5 Lock 4: number 4 lock 6: Blindside Flanker

3: Tighthead Prop 2: Hooker 1: Loose head Prop

Rugby Union

What Rugby Union team should I support I live in Aberdeen so there is no local team I support Hull in the Rugby Union and my dad is from Sheffield if that helps?

Really there are NO rules about who you should or should not support. Whilst you live at the top end of Scotland there is no reason why you cannot continue to support a club in Hull. Very many supporters do not live near the clubs they support but still take time out to watch on TV etc until they are lucky enought to make a visit to their favorite teams home games. Its about enjoying the game and watch good teams play.

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What number shirt does Bryan Habana wear?


Rugby Union

Who invented the sport rugby?

Legend has it that Rugby was invented at Rugby School in the town of Rugby, Warwickshire, England in 1823 by William Webb Ellis. Whilst playing football he picked the ball up and ran with it.

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How many rugby league players have switched to rugby union and who?

These are just the ones i can think of:

Rex Mossop

Brian Carney

Ray Price

Wendell Sailor

Matt Rogers changed back to league

Lote Tuquiri

Michael O'Connor

Andy Farrell (ENG)

Jason Robinson (ENG)

Brad Thorn (NZ) ARL - Super14/All Blacks - ARL - Super14

Timana Tahu (AUS) ARL - Super14

Clinton Schifcofske (AUS) ARL - Super14

Andrew Walker (AUS) ARL - Super14 - ARL

Henry Paul (NZ) SuperLeague/Kiwis - English Prem(?)/England 7s

Leslie Vianakolo - Newest winger of the English team.

Ryan Cross(AUS) ARL- Super 14

Chris Ashton - came from Wigan RL and went to Northampton Saints (while in div.1) NB: he was selected in the England Saxons squad in Jan/Feb 08

and also Sonny Bill Williams

Berrick Barnes AUS

Mark Mclinden

Iestyn Harris -Wales

Jonathen Davis - Wales

Scott Quinell

Gareth Davies

by the way, Lote Tuquiri is with the Wests Tigers :D

and warriors want sonny bill to go to them

but will a 1 million dollar compreshion (cant spell) to the doggies

The figure is less than 1% world wide. This is because when the game split League paid its players where Union wanted to remain armature. In the late 1970s and early 80's a number of Union code player moved across to the League code. This was because of the money involved in the game. Union in the mid to late 80's saw many of its top names move and forced through the Regional system to make the Union game more attractive and to start paying its players.

Well, these are the new 2011 update:

Lagi Setu

Luke Patten

Blake Green

Marc Herbert

Josh Lewis

Chris Bailey

Josh Perry

Ben Farrar

Jeff Lima

Ryan Hoffman

Brett Finch

Cooper Vuna

Scott Dureau

Ben Cross

Ian Henderson

Luke O'Donnell

Willie Mason

Jarrod Saffy

Lopini Paea

Nick Kouparitsas

there is all so sonny bill Williams

Decade - 1960s
Rugby Union

Irish rugby union players 1960?

Tom Kiernan Will Aitken

Rugby Union

Why do England rugby union have non nationals playing for them?

The rules laid down by the RFU allow people to play if they have descendant connection with England i.e. a Grandfather was English. The other reason is where a player has lived and played in the country for a specific time frame. Most RFU have similar

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Who was the Scottish rugby union prop forward 1959-1968?

Dave rollo

Rugby Union

How many m are there in a gap between goalposts in rugby union?

(*)The distance between the two goal posts is 5.6 metres.

(*)The crossbar is placed between the two goal posts so that its top edge is 3.0 metres from the ground.

(*)The minimum height of the goal posts is 3.4 metres.

(*)When padding is attached to the goal posts the distance from the goal line to the external edge of the padding must not exceed 300mm

Rugby Union

How do the international rugby union rankings work?

The IRB World Rankings are calculated using a 'Points Exchange' system, in which sides take points off each other based on the match result. Whatever one side gains, the other loses.

The exchanges are based on the match result, the relative strength of each team, and the margin of victory, and there is an allowance for home advantage.

Points exchanges are doubled during the World Cup Finals to recognise the unique importance of this event, but all other full international matches are treated the same, to be as fair as possible to countries playing a different mix of friendly and competitive matches across the world.

Any match that is not a full international between two member countries does not count at all.

All member countries have a rating, typically between 0 and 100. The top side in the world will normally have a rating above 90.

Rugby Union

What is englands biggest win in rugby union?

Beating Australia on Australia's home ground to win the world cup with heroics performed by Johnny Wilkenson.

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Does conrad smith have a girlfriend?

Yup he does.

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What are rugby jerseys made out of?

The jersey of today is made of polyester. The point in a game situation is twofold: firstly, polyester is harder to get hold of in a tackle situation, as it is inherently more 'slippy' than cotton or a cotton-blend. In addition, the increasing use of skin tight shirts further enhances this effect, as there is no loose material for a tackler to get a grip of.

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Rugby World Cup

Who has won the most Rugby Union cups?

Australia and South Africa are both joint on winning two world cups. England and New Zealand have won it once each.

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Who won the Rugby Cup in 2001?

Which cup do you refer to please and which code - Union or League. Union Rugby world cup was NOT played in 2001 it was 1999 and 2003

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What is Tri Nations rugby?

AnswerIt's an international Rugby tournament played by the Austrailia, New Zealand and South Africa.
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Who is Scotland Rugby Union player who made his international debut against New Zealand in 1972?

Andy Irvine

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Longest place kick in rugby union?

The longest penalty kick in rugby history, a record still standing. This occured in 1986, the penalty taken by Paul Thorburn against Scotland in the Cardiff Arms Park. This kick measured exactly 70 Yards and 8 and a half inches.


The longest recorded successful drop goal is 77.7m (85yd) by Gerald Hamilton `Gerry' Brand (b. 8 Oct 1906) for South Africa v. England at Twickenham, Greater London, on 2 Jan 1932

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How do you kick a rugby ball?

5 basic ways

Place kick - for kicking for goal/penalty goal.

Ball is ideally placed in a cup (ball holder) with the points vertical (points up and down) The ball is the tipped forward slightly in the direction of kick. The lace holes should be facing forward if the ball has a laces. This stops the boot hitting the lace and the ball shooting off in different directions. The ball is then kicked with the front of the boot (not the toe cap)

From hand - grubber kick. The ball is dropped to the boot with the points of the ball vertical as in the placed penalty kick but the top point is closer to the body so that the kick makes contact just above the point closest to the ground. This causes the ball the bounce on its its which for he opposing catcher is more difficult to make contact and can bounce randomly again making catching more difficult.

From hand - Drop kick The ball is again dropped point first. As the ball makes contact with the ground it is struck with the boot - Use from restarts and drop goals

From hand - kick to touch - Normally used as a penalty the kick is used to gain ground. The ball is held and release just as the kick is made. The ball is normally at knee height when it connects with the boot. The ball is pointing forward at approximately 45 degrees to the players body. The boot hits the ball just off the center line and beneath. This cause the ball to spin through the air similar to a torpedo ( its also known as a torpedo kick). The spin of the ball reduces the air resistance making it travel further.

Kick from hand -The punt. The ball is held by the points and dropped to the kicking boot. The ball with normally gain height rather than distance. It the effect is a "kick and chase" where the opposing team will try and catch the ball whilst the chaser will also attempt to catch the ball. By the chase making the catch it means they are running forward and toward the goal line - The forward momentum is used to make a positive attack on the opposing teams defense. Here is a You tube feature that covers some of the techniques

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How Many times has Ireland won the rugby Grand Slam?

Twice, 1948 and 2009

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Where did rugby originate from?

Legend has it that rugby originated from Rugby School, Rugby, England. In 1823, during a game of football (soccer), 16 year old William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it towards the opponent's goal. The other boys liked the game, and a whole new sport was developed around this one disobedience of the laws of football. A full set of rules was created, and in 1871 the RFU (Rugby Football Union) was formed.

However, various games of a similar nature were popular throughout medieval England, so Webb Ellis probably wasn't solely responsible for the formation of one of the world's most popular sports.

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Why do so many rugby players have tribal tattoos?

Rugby is a sport widely played in the pacific islands, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga, the tribal tattoos originate from there, lots of all blacks and wallabies have islander heritage.

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Who has scored the most tries in an international rugby test match?

Ashley Billington, playing for Hong Kong with 10 tries in one match against Singapore in 1994. Marc Ellis, of the New Zealand All Blacks with six tries in one match against Japan in the 1995 RWC.

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Does rugby have a quarterback?

No. 9 is the scrumhalf and this is the "quarterback" of rugby. He/She is the go between the forwards and the backs.

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When was the last time England won the rugby six nations?

England last won the Six Nations Rugby Championship in 2011, when they won 4 out of their 5 matches.


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