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What is anger?

Anger is a strong emotional reaction to a wrong committed by another person accompanied by a desire to punish that person for the wrong committed.
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How do you handle anger?

If we but understood what anger is we are most likely able to handle it. Anger a strong emotion; a feeling that is aimed toward some real or mistakenly believed grievance. Now (MORE)
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How do you deal with anger?

First, close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to 10. If itstill doesn't work, you can punch your pillow but not a person,because that hurts. You can also tell an adult (MORE)
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How can you relieve anger?

Anger Relief . There are two VERY effective ways to relieve anger or stress and they are to: Go outside and scream your anger away or to; Breathe deeply for 20 seconds. (MORE)
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What is anger management?

Anger Management is a course designed to assess a clients level of functioning in recognizing and managing anger, stress, assertive communication and empathy/emotional intelli (MORE)
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How do you get rid of your anger?

You punch something heheheh Actually that is not always the case for some people. I count to 10 very slowly. You can also take very deep breaths. If you are mad at a person, (MORE)
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What does anger do to you?

Anger, is a chemical response that affects the whole body, it is brought on by simple thoughts, that are usually fear based, that is , the root of the thought is a fear of los (MORE)
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How do you get your anger out?

You can do it in a lot of different ways, depending on how angry you are. You could tear a few sheets of blank paper, punch your pillow, or do a lot of different things like t (MORE)
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How can you redirect your anger?

One good strategy to dealing with your own anger is to make sure you dislike what somebody did, rather than disliking the person who did it. Rather than dwelling on how poorly (MORE)
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What is the verb for anger?

Anger is a verb and a noun. (V.) She angers me with the way she questions everything. (N.) I couldn't hide my anger.