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Whats The Value Auspice Deo Coin?

The value of an Auspice Deo coin depends on its condition and theyear it was manufactured. Coins that were manufactured in the 1700and early 1800's are valued from 1,000 US do ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence using the word auspice?

This sentence is an example of a sentence which uses the word "auspice". Another example of a sentence using the word "auspice" is here If you were wondering about putting i ( Full Answer )
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Under what auspices are pet groomers employed?

Some operate out of kennels while others maintain their own independent businesses. Most groomers learn their trade by working for an established groomer but a few schools do ( Full Answer )
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What does auspicing mean?

"Auspicing", just like "auspiced", are not real words. They cannot be found in any reputable English dictionary. The terms have gained recent popularity within, ironically, th ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of Auspices?

If somebody authorises you to do a specific task for them you are working for them under their auspices. Auspices means endorsement. It means acting on behalf of somebody else ( Full Answer )
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What is an auspice?

An auspice is an omen or a sign, alternatively, it is an obsolete term for divination from the actions of birds.