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What is the opposite of avuncular?

The opposite of "Avuncular" is "Materteral". This means "suggestive or characteristic of an aunt", just as "avuncular" means "suggestive or characteristic of an Uncle". The st ( Full Answer )
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What is the feminine counterpart for avuncular or is there none or is avuncular gender-neutral?

The established feminine counterpart to "avuncular," which derives from the Latin for "grandfather" (avus) and pertains, strictly speaking, to a maternal uncle, is "materteral ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence using avuncular?

My fathers friend, John, acts in an avuncular manner toward me because of his relationship with my father and how well I know him.
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How do you use avuncular in a sentence?

The adjective, avuncular, means resembling an uncle in kindness,indulgence, or being or relating to an uncle.
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Meaning of avuncular?

The official definition of the word avuncular is "of or relating tothe relationship between men and their siblings' children."