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What is bedrock?

Bedrock is the layer of solid rock formations below the soil or underneath glacial drift in a particular area. The rock comprising bedrock could be sedimentary, igneous, or me (MORE)
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How did bedrocks get its name?

Bedrocks got their name due to the fact that they are located atthe bottom most layer or bed. They are very hard and help tosupport the layers above them.
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Where can you find bedrock?

Assuming you are not referring to the 'Flintstones - town of Bedrock' and are referring to geological bedrock then any rock that is not part of the soil or an erosional clast (MORE)

What is granite bedrock?

Bedrock is the rock that underlies the soil and sediment of anarea. Granite is a type of igneous rock that forms when silica-richmolten rock cools and solidifies underground.

What does the word bedrock mean in the song bedrock?

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Is bedrock breakable?

Yes, bedrock is breakable in real life. It is also breakable in thegame minecraft. Though semi-impossible.And i fart in people'smouths all the time :)
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Who studies bedrocks?

the flintstones i heard but i think that might be a joke but im not sure i get easily confused and try to help but sometimes i get in the way i am so sorry for any annoyance c (MORE)
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Can bedrock be broken?

Pressure enough to cause an earthquake is quite able to break bedrock of any depth.