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Does Canola Oil come from canolas?

No, canola oil comes from rapeseeds. According to AgriAlternatives,The Online Innovation, and Technology Magazine for Farmers, "Bynature, these rapeseed oils, which have long ( Full Answer )
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What is in canola oil?

What is canola oil? We can't get it in the foreign country where I live, what is most healthy to substitute? Canola oil is an extract you get out of Canola seeds
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Can you freeze canola oil?

Canola oil does freeze in a home freezer but does not turn solid because the freezing point of canola oil is -10 degrees Celsius and when it goes harder than normal it is beca ( Full Answer )
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What is a canola oil?

It's oil made from a certain rapeseed and was first cultivated for consumption in Canada. It has a lower erucic acid than traditional rapeseed oils. Canola stands for CANandia ( Full Answer )
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What canola made from?

Canola Oil is extracted from a vegetable related to cabbage (Brassica family). The plant is knows as Rape and the oil-rich seeds, when processed produce Rapeseed oil. But its ( Full Answer )
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How is canola harvested?

canola is harvested by a machine that digs up the dirt and gathers the seeds as it goes past
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Is canola oil a good preservative?

Canola other wise known as rape oil is not safe for human or animal consumption and is now being used as a preservative.
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Why is canola valued?

In the late 1990s and early 2000s canola was sought after by increasingly health-conscious food and edible oil industries because of its low saturated fat content
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Where is canola oil from?

Canola (canada oil) Oil is processed from the seed of the rape weed. Originally it was used as a synthetic motor oil. "Raw" rapeseed oil is high in erucic acid, a known carcin ( Full Answer )
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What is Andor canola?

The trade name Andor is used for a variety of canola(oilseed-producing plants), itself a low-erucic-acid variety ofrapeseed. Andor was developed in Canada by the University of ( Full Answer )