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Is a Chiton a Herbivore?

Yes, a chiton is indeed a herbivore. This marine mollusk eatsbacteria, diatoms, algae, and bryozoans. Most species are grazersbut some are predators.
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What does chiton mean?

From the Greek word khitōn that means coat of mail, the ancientGreeks and Romans wore a form of chiton made with loose wool. Theywere tunics that were long for women and kn ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a chiton?

The site listed on the link below has instructions and drawings: Um. What ever, here's the instructions. First you fold the fabric partly hamburgar style so that it's not com ( Full Answer )
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How big is a chiton?

The Giant Pacific Chiton is easily the largest chiton in the world; up to 13" long, 5" wide but there are other species that are 2 inches in length
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How do chiton reproduce?

Chitons are organisms belonging to the class of Polyplacophora which in turn belonging to the phylum mollusca. They are mostly very small anymals (2 to 5 cm - 1 to 2 inches) w ( Full Answer )
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What adaptations do chiton have?

Chiton are marine mollusks in the class of Polyplacophora. Theadaptations they have include a wide foot for tight suction ofrocks and a shell to protect themselves from drying ( Full Answer )
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Is a chiton ecdysozoan?

No, a chiton is not an ecdysozoan. An ecdysozoan (clade Ecdysozoa) is an organism that sheds/molts its tough external coat (cuticle) as it grows up. Chitons are soft bodied or ( Full Answer )
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Do Chitons have any prey?

Most chitons are herbivores that eat vegetation. There are a few chitons that eat shrimp and small fish.
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What are some symbiotic relationships of Chitons?

The chiton is a sea creature, a sort of light armour-plated slug-like animal of the mollusk type which mainly inhabits the pacific coastal waters, but some species also live i ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook chitons?

you can cook it as soup, with some Medicinal materials. the chitons soup is good for you health.