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What is an element?

An element is a pure substance that contains atoms or molecules ofa particular substance. It cannot be broken down into two or moreelements. They exist in their pure state. E. (MORE)

What can be an element?

  Anything that appears in the periodic table of elements. Or (less matter of fact) anything that is an essential consituant of a person, place or thing. I could have done (MORE)

What is in element?

An element is a type of atom; on the periodic table of the elements, they are organized by atomic number (which is the number of protons in the nucleus of this atom).
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What is the element No?

I am sure No has got to be Nobelium, named after Alfred Nobel, who discovered dynamite. Nobelium is radioactive, but it exists for only... Ithink 10 mintues? Yeah, 10 mintues (MORE)

What element is Am?

Element Am is Americium. Americium is radioactive element number ninety five. I would not wanna mess with Americium
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What has no elements?

Everything is made of elements! Either in their raw form or chemically combined with other substances in compounds, or mixed with other substances in mixtures, they are everyw (MORE)

What is is NOT an element?

Something that isn't an element is a substance with more than one type of atom in. (e.g. a nickel atom and a silver atom). An substance that is an element has only on etype of (MORE)