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What is fixation?

Answer . soaking of an experiment . Answer . Fixation is when the eye stops to focus External fixation is a surgical treatment used to stabilize boneand soft tissues a (MORE)
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What is fixator muscle?

The fixators prevents any unecessary movement, Look into biomechanics for more detail. Is all about the way that the muscles moves. ie BICEP CURL: Agonist - Prime mover (MORE)
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What is the definition of 'fixation'?

The term "fixation" is generally used in psychology. It refers tosomeone who has an obsessive feeling about someone or something.
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What is external fixation?

External fixation is a surgical treatment used to stabilize boneand soft tissues at a distance from the operative or injury focus.
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What is ego fixation?

An ego fixation is an accumulation of life experience organizedduring one's childhood and which shapes one's personality. Edit: "This upper answer appears to be totally wrong (MORE)
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What is allele fixation?

An allele becomes fixed in a population when it reaches a frequency of 100%, i.e.,when every individual in the population has only this allele.
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What is atmospheric fixation?

Atmospheric Fixation: the enormous energy of lightning breaks nitrogen molecules and enables their atoms to combine with oxygen in the air forming nitrogen oxides. These disso (MORE)
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What is nitrogen fixation and who can do this?

Conversion of inert elemental nitrogen gas into biologically usable form is called nitrogen fixation. Organism that performs nitrogen fixation is Rhizobium Leguminous.
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What is an example fixation?

Fixation (obsession, compulsion, unhealthy preoccupation): He was doing fine until he developed this fixation with food colors; now he'll only eat food that is colored red. (MORE)