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What is forgery?

Forgery can be a false signature, a painting falsely attributed to a famous artist, secretly altered records, or making an item appear to be something other than it really is ( Full Answer )
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What is forgery of a check?

In some states the crime is called Uttering and Publishing. In others it is simple fraud or check fraud. A felony in all.
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What is simulated forgery?

Simulated forgery is when you copy the handwriting of someone elsein order to commit forgery. It is different from other types offorgery where you trace someone handwriting.
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Is WikiAnswers a forgery?

Nope. A forgery is something that is made to look like and pass off as another thing. WikiAnswers only purports to be itself.
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Why is forgery wrong?

Forgery is wrong because it is a crime and is basically lying. You're telling someone that someone else approved or agreed to something, when they did not.
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What is the purpose of a forgery?

To make buyers believe they are getting an original work of art --------------------- Also, forgery is a crime and all countries have laws that prohibitcitizens from indulging ( Full Answer )
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How can forgery be identified?

Forgery can be identified by the minuscule differences in writting such as connecting letters in cursive that someone usually doesn't connect or vice versa. It isn't often det ( Full Answer )
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What types of forgery are there?

There is only ONE type of forgery and it is defined the same under both state and federal criminal statutes. Forgery is "the false making or altering of a written instrument ( Full Answer )
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How is forgery committed?

FORGERY The act of criminally making or altering a written instrument for the purpose of fraud or deceit; for example, signing another person's name to a check. To write pay ( Full Answer )
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What is fingerprint forgery?

It is the forging or faking of finger prints of course. When a person does not want his finger prints in a data base or does not want hi true identity found out by some sort o ( Full Answer )