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What is an intestine what do they do?

it helps your heart. you have a large and small intestine which leads to your bladder. this is in your stomach.
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What are the muscles in the intestines?

There is a bilayer of muscles in the intestines called the muscularis externa. There is an inner circular layer and outer longitudinal layer. These two layers are responsible ( Full Answer )
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What are the intestines?

An intestine is a tract in your body which carries tapeworms intestine is one of the important internal organ of our body. It plays major role in our digestive systems.It is o ( Full Answer )
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What an intestine?

A general term for the "gut", which in humans includes everything from the stomach to the anus.
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Can your intestines fall out?

Yes at any moment! Don't force too hard when pooping. Also, if you have been cut by a samurai. So beware of samurai's and get an enema.
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What does a fish intestine do?

A fish has intestines that are used to digest its food in a similar manner to the digestive process of other animals.
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How do you do intestinal decompression?

Intestinal decompression is done by inserting the nasoenteric tube first. You insert the nasoenteric tube just like in NG tube. The nasoenteric tube have a balloon to be fille ( Full Answer )
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What are intestinal obstructions?

Intestinal obstruction refers to the partial or complete mechanical or nonmechanical blockage of the small or large intestine.
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What your large intestine or the small intestine does?

The chewed and broken food (chyme) comes from stomach in to small intestine ... Small intestine made of three parts Deodunum ,Jijunum and Illum. They are all responsible f ( Full Answer )
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How does your small intestine get to the large intestine?

The small intestine has three parts -- duodenum, jejunum and ileum. The ileum, being the last part of the small intestine, is the section that empties chyme into the beginning ( Full Answer )