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What is tai chai?

Tai Chi Chuan is basically Chi Kung with Kung Fu moves woven into it; the Chinese practice a form of "Yoga" they call "Chi Kung," a series of movements, usually circular, that (MORE)

How do you spell too chay?

Touché (if you are referring to the expression used to acknowledge that another person has scored a point in an argument).
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What does a chai tattoo symbolize?

the phrase l'chaiyam means "to life". my family says it as a toast before we eat. chaya means living thing or animal as well. chai is composed of two letters of the Hebrew a (MORE)
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What is hakwai chai?

The literal meaning of 'Hakwai' 'Chai' is: 'black ghost' 'kid'. But people use it as: 'black/colored kid'. The formal and right way to say to a dark-colored person is: Hēiré (MORE)

Lyrics of amaro poran o jaha chai?

amaro porano jaha chai ,tumi tai , tumi tai goo. tuma chara ar a jogoty mora keho nai, kichu nai goo. tumi shukh jodi nahi paw ,jaaw shukhero shondhany jaaw. ami tumaary (MORE)
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What illlness does Chai tea help with?

  Chai tea usually contains the following spices:   * Cardamom  * Cinnamon  * Ginger  * Star anise  * Peppercorn  * Cloves.   From this list, I would say that (MORE)

Bhardwaj gotra ke jathere kahan hai?

I am Anil Bhardwaj from Amritsar (Gehri Mandi), if any body(bhardwaj) wants to join the yearly mela of all Bhardwaj ratan's can contact me 9811625398. It is organised in Punja (MORE)

What is the best chai tea brand?

Oregon Trail Chai Tea! It comes in a purple box and it can be served toasty or chilly. Remember: you must create it half chai and half milk or else it will be way to strong an (MORE)
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What is a chai tea latte made of?

Typically, masala chai is a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with aromatic herbs and spices. A chai tea latte is typically a drink where steamed milk is flavor (MORE)

Is chai an herbal tea?

Chai usually make with green herbs. To make it herbal, you can add  various herbs.   Chai has a composition of spices namely Cinnamon, aniseed, pepper,  clove, sometimes (MORE)