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What is tai chai?

Tai Chi Chuan is basically Chi Kung with Kung Fu moves woven into it; the Chinese practice a form of "Yoga" they call "Chi Kung," a series of movements, usually circular, that (MORE)
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Does a vanilla chai tea have caffeine?

Unless it specifically states "caffeine-free" on the label, YES. Chai tea is made with black tea as a base, with spices and flavourings added. Black tea has caffeine in (MORE)

What does a chai tattoo symbolize?

the phrase l'chaiyam means "to life". my family says it as a toast before we eat. chaya means living thing or animal as well. chai is composed of two letters of the Hebrew a (MORE)

What is a recipe for chai tea?

To bring out all the flavors, I like to do it like this: In a saucepan, very gently simmer milk (use a diffuser if possible, to keep it from curdling too much). While it's sim (MORE)
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What is hakwai chai?

The literal meaning of 'Hakwai' 'Chai' is: 'black ghost' 'kid'. But people use it as: 'black/colored kid'. The formal and right way to say to a dark-colored person is: Hēiré (MORE)

What does chai mean in Japanese?

'Chai' isn't a word in Japanese. If you mean 'cha' it means 'tea'. It might be you mean it as a name, written 茶衣 /chai/.
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What is the best chai tea brand?

Oregon Trail Chai Tea! It comes in a purple box and it can be served toasty or chilly. Remember: you must create it half chai and half milk or else it will be way to strong an (MORE)
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What is a Chai Pendant?

Chai pendants symbolize this personal will to live and celebration  of life central of Judaism. It's also a reminder of how a person  should live, in accordance with the law (MORE)
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What is a chai tea latte made of?

Typically, masala chai is a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with aromatic herbs and spices. A chai tea latte is typically a drink where steamed milk is flavor (MORE)