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Where does knots come from?

Knots is the form of measurement of the speed of boats. It wasoriginally measured by a board being dropped in the water with arope tied to it, the other end of the rope was ti ( Full Answer )
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How fast is a knot?

One knot is one nautical mile per hour which is approximately 1.15mph. One knot is 6000 feet per hour 1 nautical mile per hour = 1.151 'regular' mile per hour(rounded)
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What is knotting?

Answer . usually in reference to dog mating where the male dog penis develops a large "knot" at the end during mating.
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How do you get knots in back?

There are many ways that you can get knots in your back. You couldfor example just be too tense.
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What is a knot in?

A piece of string or rope?! You are probably asking about the 'knots' used at sea as a measure of speed. One knot = one nautical mile per hour. Don't ever say 'knots per hour' ( Full Answer )
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Is knotting the present tense of knot?

How it is used determines tense I think. Knot can be used in any tense There was a knot in my laces. There is a knot in my laces. I'm going to knot my laces. Past, present and ( Full Answer )
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Is knot an adjective?

No. The word knot is a noun, meaning a twist in a rope. The unit ofspeed 'knot' means "nautical mile per hour."
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What is the homonym for knot?

Definition of NOT . A logical operator that produces a statement that is the inverse of an input statement..
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What are hitch knots?

These are knots that are used to secure a rope to a post, hook, ring, poles or rail part in the actual tying. they are able to withstand high level of parallel strain. S ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell knot as in knot head?

That is the correct spelling used in the slang term "knothead" meaning a foolish person.