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What is a krugerrand coin?

It's a gold bullion coin issued by South Africa, similar to the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf coins. They're sold for their gold content, not for spending.
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What is a Krugerrand?

A gold coin minted in South Africa that typically sells for a higher prices than the market value of the gold it contains.
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What did a krugerrand cost in 1978?

Gold was worth an average 193 dollars in 1978. A South African goldkrugerrand was and is worth about 10 percent more that the presentprice of gold. A krugerrand in 1978 would ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of a silver krugerrand?

The South African government mints the krugerrand in gold only. There are silver kruggerrands floating around but they are not minted coins so be careful.
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Are krugerrands valuable?

They are gold coins issued by the Government of South Africa. They are worth their weight in gold, depending on the world price of gold. Yes, they are valuable.
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Are Krugerrands A Currency?

Yes, it is a currency. Unlike other currencies, its value changes with the spot price of gold. Other nations have issued gold coins, usually with a lower denomination than i ( Full Answer )
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What are the dimensions of Krugerrands?

Krugerrand specifications: . Size . Weight . Gold Content . Diameter Min - Max . Thickness Min - Max . [g] . [g] . [oz] . [mm] . [mm] . 1 oz . 33.9305 . 31 ( Full Answer )
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What is value of krugerrand in sterling?

The Kruger rand value comes from the bullion content, 1 ounce or 31 grams, 22 carats, 32,77 mm diameter, 2.84 thick best condition may realize £1051.87 as at 25th January
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What is value of a krugerrand?

The current price [April 29, 2012] for a Krugerrand is between $1,691.79 and $1,807.97 depending on which dealer you buy from. But, this price of gold is constantly changin ( Full Answer )