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What is the work of a magician?

Answer . To entertain and delight people by perplexing them with illusions. They awaken for a few moments certain kinds of fantasy. "Am I really sure that objects can't va ( Full Answer )
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What is a magician?

The definition has changed through the centuries. Originally, a magician was a man who practiced sorcery in an effort to actually affect or alter the laws of nature. In m ( Full Answer )
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Are you a magician?

well it depends if you can impress your family and friends which proves you are a magician
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Who were the magicians?

There have been many great magicians over the years. Some of the most famous in the 20th century were Harry Houdini, Thurston, Kellar, Dante, Blackstone (Both Father and so ( Full Answer )
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Are magicians real?

People can be magicians but there tricks are not real. They fool the eye.Magic isn't real.
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Is magician an adjective?

No. Magician, like the word artisan, is a noun. A magician is aperson with magic powers, or who performs magic tricks orillusions. It is sometimes metaphorically applied to a ( Full Answer )
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How can a magician get a job?

You can get a job for performing at private parties, resturants, oreven go off the chain and become a celeberity magician like DavidBlaine, and Criss Angel. I hope that helps
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What the magician can do?

magicians carry out magic tricks and illusions to entertain andintrigue, they are not strictly real but more illusions and sleightof hand.
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What do magicians wear?

magicians dont have to wear any special clothes but a cliched lookwould involve a black cape and top hat. Modern magicians likecorporate or wedding magicians just dress casual ( Full Answer )
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What does magician means?

Magician (paranormal) , a person who claims to perform feats using supernatural means Magician (fantasy) , a character in a fictional fantasy context who performs supernatur ( Full Answer )