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What do pallid sturgeons eat?

General Answer for Sturgeons - Small sturgeon eat very small organisms & larvae. As they mature they will eat almost anything such as: decaying matter/fish, mollusks, crustace ( Full Answer )
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Antonyms for pallid?

The word "pallid" is used to describe a pale or sickly complexion.An antonym for pallid would be "flush," as this word would be usedto describe a person's face that is full of ( Full Answer )
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How do you use pallid in a sentence?

Her pallid complexion indicated that she spent her days mostly indoors. The concert was a pallid affair, a collection of dreary chamber music.
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Why is the pallid sturgeon endangered?

The pallid sturgeon is endangered because of humans. It's habitat has been destroyed by humans when people cut down trees to make paper and wood. More and more people are stop ( Full Answer )
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A sentence with pallid in it?

Try this press down on your hand with your thumb and see the white that's the pale part. HERE IS THE SENTENCES boxers get pallid a lot of time when punches
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What sentence can you make with the word pallid?

She pretends to be sick to miss school all the time, but her face was startlingly pallid , yet hot to the touch, and it was clear she was not faking this time. The new pasto ( Full Answer )
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Why are pallid bats endangered?

The pallid bat is classified as least concern on the IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) red list of threatened species. This classifica ( Full Answer )
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What countries are pallid bats found in?

Pallid bats range from southern British Columbia through Montana tocentral Mexico. They're mostly found in desert areas.
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Where is a pallid complexion considered elegant?

In some places during medieval times, a pallid complexion was much more desirable than a tan because it meant that you were wealthy enough that you could stay indoors. The "lo ( Full Answer )