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Is plasticine a solid?

yesI agree that it is a solid because it does not flow it has a fixed shape and a fixed volume.The fixed shape is the challenging one to explain because when you apply a force ( Full Answer )
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Why is plasticine a solid?

Plasticine is a solid since it has a definite volume but does notcontain a definite shape. However, it can be molded into any shape.
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What is plasticine made of?

The main ingredients of Plasticine are petroleum jelly, calciumsalts, and aliphatic acids. Plasticine is used as a modeling clay.
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Who invented plasticine?

A man named William Harbutt invented plasticine in the 19th century when the sculpteurs wanted something easier to handle than clay.
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Can you freeze Plasticine?

Yes but once you take it out and it gets even a little bit warm it will start to be able to like , how do you say it , move if you shape it
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What can you make out of plasticine?

You can make: Morph ( the cartoon) Wallace and gromit Animals; cat, rabbit, dog, parrot, monkey, snakes, penguins. Fruit; orange, apple, carrot.
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Can you cook plasticine?

NO! it is oil based, so if you want to cook or bake it you will have to buy fimo, polymer clay ect.
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How can you harden Plasticine?

Try spraying your model with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray. After spraying your model, leave it to dry for ten minutes. Then, decide whether you want to use another coa ( Full Answer )
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How do you get plasticine out of clothing?

Try to get as much out as possible, and then wash it. If all else fails, the best idea is throw it out. However, if that article is very important or well loved, try to find a ( Full Answer )
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Why do plasticine float?

because theplastticine that has made into boat has a bigger surfaceof water,this makes the plasticine has less density than the water.