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What are ruminants?

Ruminants are animals that have a four-chambered stomachs designed for digesting coarse plant matter. They are also called fore-gut fermentors because one of the chambers, the ( Full Answer )
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What is rumination?

(1) The act of pondering (2) The act of chewing cud, a physical digestion involved in foregut fermentation
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Are birds ruminants?

No, Birds are not mammals and a ruminant is any artiodactyl mammal that digests its food in two steps, first by eating the raw material and regurgitating a semi-digested for ( Full Answer )
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What is to ruminate?

it's when cows eat food, digest it partially, the food comes back >and they chew it again< -- > to ruminate
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Sentence for ruminate?

Cattle, sheep, goats, and deer are animals that ruminate in order to fully digest feedstuffs.
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What is a Ruminator?

ru·mi·nate. (rm-nt). v. ru·mi·nat·ed , ru·mi·nat·ing , ru·mi·nates v. intr. 1. To turn a matter over and over in the mind. 2. To che ( Full Answer )
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Is a camel a ruminant are not?

No. Camels are pseudo-ruminants because, even though they chew cud, they lack a rumen like true ruminants have.
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Are koalas ruminants?

No. Koalas are not ruminants. Ruminants have stomachs with fourchambers; a koala's stomach has just one chamber.
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Are rabbits ruminant?

Not exactly; rabbits do actually digest nutrients a second time, but they don't regurgitate their food and chew it again. Instead, they have two different kinds of poo: the me ( Full Answer )