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What is a sparrow?

A sparrow is a type of small bird. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Sparrows(or swallows) are bird tattoos. Sailors used to traditional ( Full Answer )
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Locomotion of a sparrow?

hahahaha the word locomotion and sparrow in one question. LOCO! motion. sp-arrow. shoot. godamn. hahahahaha. brilliant.
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What eats a sparrow?

Cats, for one thing. Cats don't actually eat birds or intentionality hurt them. They want to play with them but the cats don't realise that they can easily hurt the birds.
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Do sparrows have dreams?

Everything dreams! even when you wake up thinking you havnt had a dream, you have, unless you were snoring, If you snore ur not dreaming. .
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How do you draw a sparrow?

There is no one way to draw anything, but if I were to draw a sparrow, I would start of by fleshing out basic shapes such as the head and body with circles, and some irregular ( Full Answer )
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Where were sparrows from?

Sparrows originally came from China. But, the climate started to change, and the sparrow migrated to North America. Today, the climate in China is slowly changing, but there i ( Full Answer )
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Is a sparrow a mammal?

Sparrows are not mammals - they are birds. The differences betweenbirds and mammals are: Birds have feathers while mammals have fur, hair or skin Birds lay eggs whilst mamma ( Full Answer )
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Who is Bob sparrow?

a Technology Executive with over 15 years experience in technology management in the financial, insurance and technology services industries. Successfully directed the plannin ( Full Answer )
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Do sparrows kill other sparrows?

Of course not, unless they have extreme territorial issues and bite another sparrow to death. But that is highly unlikely. I would think extreme hunger would cause enhanced co ( Full Answer )
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Do sparrow hawks eat sparrows?

Sparrow hawks of Europe are accipiters, which are bird hawks, and sparrows are sometimes eaten. The sparrow hawk of North America is a small falcon, the kestrel, and it someti ( Full Answer )