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England is the country that funded Pedro Alvares Cabral's journey.

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Q: What country funded Pedro Alvares Cabral voyage?
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What route did Pedro Alvares Cabral take on his voyage?

Pedro Alvares Cabral followed the route of Vasco de Gama.

Why did Pedro Alvares Cabral want to explore Brazil?

where did cabral want to go for his voyage

Who financed Pedro alvares cabral's voyage?

who finaced Pedro A'lvares Cabral's trip

How many voyages did Pedro alvares cabral take?

it was he first time pedro cabral make a voyage. his first voyage was to brasil or india.

What were the results of Pedro Alvares Cabral voyages?

The results of Pedro Alvares Cabral's voyage was that new land was claimed to Portugal and a new route across the ocean was found.

What country commissioned Pedro Cabral's voyage?

Portugal commissioned Pedro Cabral's voyage.

What has the author William Brooks Greenlee written?

William Brooks Greenlee has written: 'The voyage of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and India, from contemporary documents and narratives' -- subject(s): Voyages and travels, Travel 'The voyage of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and India' -- subject(s): Voyages and travels

What country discovered Brazil?

Portugal was the country that colonized Brazil, beginning with the voyage by Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500. This is why the main language of Brazil is Portuguese rather than Spanish as in most of Latin America.

What year was Cabral's voyage to Portugal in?

if the sponsoring country is portugal what is the years of voyage

Which country funded christopher Columbus voyage to the new world?

Spain did.

Who funded Henry Hudsons voyage?

who funded Henry Hudson's third voyage

Why was the voyage of Pedro alvares cabral under taken?

Actually the Protuguese already knew by that time that there was land on the other side of the Atlantic. They just didn't knew for sure the size of it. The Pedro Alvares Cabral voyage was, officially, an expedition to India. His mission was to trade spices. Intended or not, during the trip they've distanced "a little" from the african coast and reached Brasil "discovering" it. Pedro sent back some ships to warn the Portuguese Crown of the land recently claimed and continued his voyage to India and although the expedition sufered several losses, it was considered a succes.

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