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history teaches us lessons , so the mistakes are not performed again and great work encourage us .

History also teaches you where your ancestors came from. It shows patterns in human nature. It teaches you how to predict the future with current events. By knowing history you know what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to politics. The one person you never want to get into a debate with is a historian.

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Q: What does history teaches us?
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Why take a history class?

History teaches us about the past, which helps us make decisions in the future and (hopefully) learn from mistakes.

Why is History Important to today?

it helps us learn from our mistakes..and it teaches us who we are and where we came from..also history helps us understand different people and societies around the world.

History teaches but teaches nothing discuss?

History teaches us allot of things. Mainly, what we did wrong, how not to do it again, or if we do, how to straighten it out. That is, as long as you actually learn your lesson the first time. If not, history will keep repeating itself, as many say is happening today. But studying history is a good thing. Even in todays world and problems.

How does does dr.seuss effect our world?

He teaches us how to rap Teaches how to rhyme Teaches us to be us 100% of the time. this dick.

What is the difference between history and social sciences?

History is that which had happened in past time & social science is something that teaches us how to live in society taking lessons from history.

What is the link between tourism and history?

Tourism teaches history

How history teaches us to learn from the past?

It gives us an indepth into what life would have been like in the past. It helps us to understand how we have become who we are today.

What does fable teaches us?

it teaches us prevent errors that prevented heroes of fable

What do zorocstrianism teaches us?

This teaches what is wrong in life and what is good

Why is history included in a curriculum?

As the great philosopher G. Santayana once said, "those who do not understand history are destined to repeat it". History teaches us not only facts but also the concept of self-examination - of our own history, behaviors, and proclivities. History teaches us that those in power tend toward corruption, and that those who possess absolute power tend toward absolute corruption. History teaches us that long, drawn out, protracted wars accomplish little, other than mass suffering, and tend to bleed all nations (involved in such wars) of their treasure, often setting them back decades, or even centuries. History teaches us that if we do not care for those in need, we cheapen the value of life itself. Understanding history can make us better participants in our own government, whether on a local, state or national level. Ultimately, history is the story of our development as a species, and challenges us to continue that development in a way that will promote the survival of our species, rather than its destruction.

Was Leonardo da Vinci a common person?

Why are you asking us? Get off your lazy butt and ask a person that teaches history!

Why history teaches but teaches nothing?

idk,i think because it teaches what happened before but you dont really need to learn it? Famous quote: "Those who do not know History, will repeat it." Enough said.

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