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No they are not mean. Well they can be mean if you are mean to them. But they are mostly sweet and loving dogs.

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βˆ™ 2008-11-28 17:04:55
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Q: Are collies mean
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What kinds of collies are there?

Border collies, bearded collies, and rough and smooth collies.

Are Border Collies the same breed of dog as Collies?

no. A border collie is just part of a group of collies, which include bearded collies, rough collies, border collies and smooth collies :) hope this helps

What are all of the types of collies?

the collies i know of are * rough collies * smooth collies * bearded coliies * border collies shetland sheepdogs are also very similar to collies!!

Do border collies get on with dalmatians?

If you mean by mating....its unlikely but possible....

How many types of collies dogs are there?

There are only rough collies and smooth collies. Some people call shetland sheepdogs minature collies, but they aren't.

What do border collies smell like?

like border collies

How do you reduce human allergies with border collies?

border collies no no

What is the best tranied dog?

the best trained dog is a border collie.we love border collies. they can jump flip and roll over.they i mean border collies are born to perform

What is faster rough collie smooth collie or border collies?

Border collies are faster and smarter than collies. Border collies are not a type of collie they are a totally different breed.

What does it mean when border collies have freckles?

Freckles are called "ticking" on dogs. It is just a marking.

Are Border Collies pedigree dogs?

Not all Border Collies are pedigree, but yes, Border Collies are bred for show and they can have pedigrees.

Does Justin bieber love collies?

yes he is a HUGE fan of collies

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