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Male lions

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Q: Do female lions eat first or male lions?
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Do female lions or male lions do the hunting?

From my understanding they both do. But the male lions move the pride to the animal on which they disire to eat.

How much do lions eat per day?

Female lions eat 11 pounds of meat a day, male lions eat around 15 pounds a day.

What do male lions do after lionesses make their kill?

Male lions will always guard territories from being attacked or threatened by other animals, while female lions work together to claw or bite preys down. When the lionesses kill a prey like a wildebeest, the female lions would let the male lions to first eat the prey since male lions do all the fighting with intruding animals. When the lions ate some parts of the prey, the lionesses come to eat the left overs.

How much do lions eat at one time?

Female lions eat around 5 kgs meat at one time and Male eat around 7 kgs

Do only male lions eat their family when injured or females to?

Male lions don't eat their family when injured or dead.

Are turkeys you eat male or female?

usually you would eat a female but it is possible to eat a male.

Who hunts the female or the male of the mountain lions?

The females hunt, while the male waits. Then the male gets to eat first. It is extremely sexist, but very true.

Does the male praying mantis eat the female praying mantis?

No, but the female may eat the male. The female is much biger than the male!

When female praying mantises eat the male does she eat the inside first?

No. She is much bigger than the male and eats it all at once.

Do only male lions eat their family when injured?


Can a male hamster eat a baby female hamster?

I was breeding hamsters for awhile-- it is typical for the FEMALE to eat her first litter. She often feels inadequate to tend to her first litter. The male isn't known for eating the babies (male or female) since he's like any "typical male" and prefers to let the female do all the work.

How much does the lion eat?

Male lions will eat up to 15 pounds of meat each day. A female lion will eat up to 11 pounds of meat per day.

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