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i turn on the televison.that's how they go to sleep

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โˆ™ 2010-06-29 01:22:53
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Q: How do you make your hamster go to sleep?
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How do you make a hamster to go to sleep?

To make your hamster go to sleep If it is a baby you can hold it and just let the head to come out and hold it and rub it head slowly for 30min or more or less (must be more then 15min)

When a hamster builds a nest what does that mean?

It means that your hamster wants to have a comfy bed for when they want to go to sleep.

What can a dwarf hamster sleep on?

They will make a nest out of the bedding you put in the cage.

What time do hamsters go to bed? body knows the EXCACT time of hamster going to sleep, but they sleep at day and wake up at night.If you can't stay up late then you shouldn't buy a hamster, but they do make a great pet!

What should you do you want to go to sleep but you can hear your hamster biting on cage?

Get him a chew toy

How do you make a nervous hamster sleep in your arm?

just pet him til he comes down

How do you know if hamsters are sick?

if your hamster is will not eat and sleep can look it out when hamster very dont care them or you go to buy vitamin give the hamster drink

How does the hamster grow?

when a hamster is a baby they mostly are active but as the week passes she/he will go to bed for a while that's when they grow hamsters usually grow in there sleep

How do you make tamagotchi sleep?

You cant make it go to sleep by it self:)

Why does your hamster sleep all day?

Hamster's are nocturnal therefore they sleep all day and stay awake all night.

How do you make your hamster go down the tube?

You can't make a hamster go down a tube but you can gently guide it and bribe it with a small treat and it should go through your tube.

When does a hamster sleep?

hamsters sleep during the day. They are notarial animals.

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