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Hope not; Wysong animal food uses it in some of their products.

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Q: Is black pepper toxic to cats?
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Is black pepper toxic in cats?


Is pepper toxic to cats?

Hope not; Wysong animal food uses it in some of their products.

Can cats eat black pepper?

No because it is not that good for them

Are lilacs toxic to cats?

daisys are toxic to cats

Are pussy willows toxic to cats?

Pussy willows are not toxic to cats. However, there are a long list of other plants and trees that are toxic to cats.

Can Benadryl be toxic to a cat?

No, benadryl can't be toxic to cats OR dogs, but aspirin is toxic to cats or dogs hope this helped :)

What is the hottest pepper-ground red pepper or black?

black pepper

What is the scientific name of black pepper?

black pepper

What food includes black pepper?

black pepper,

How many cats in the world are named pepper?

Aproxamitly 2.5% of cats are named Pepper. One being mine.

What do people use black pepper for?

What can one use Black pepper for == == # Black pepper is good for seasoning foods. # Mix some black pepper with flour and sprinkle it around your plants to keep the bugs away without having to resort to using toxic chemicals. # Temporary radiator leak repairs can be done by mixing pepper with a couple of raw eggs, Wait for the engine to cool, toss the mixture of eggs and pepper in the radiator top up the coolant or water and run the engine for 15 minutes. # Black pepper can also be used to Keep the colour in clothes bright, Add a teaspoon of Black pepper to the wash when you do coloureds and it will keep them brighter for longer.

Is cordyline red star toxic to cats?

As with many houseplants, the cordyline red star is toxic to cats. Cats have a habit of eating houseplants whether the plants are toxic or not so it is important to keep toxic plants out of a cat's reach.

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