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sleeping! sleeping!

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Q: Were do you find lizards at night?
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How long are yellow spotted lizards?

Yellow Spotted Night Lizards are one of the largest night lizards, reaching up to 12.7 cm.

How do yellow spotted lizards compare to yellow spotted night lizards?

Type your answer here... it is not any different to yellow spotted night lizards

When do lizards sleep?

At night

What colors are night lizards?

"night" colored obviously...

Do lizards sleep during the day or night?

Most lizards sleep at night. However, many geckos and a few other species are active at night

Are yellow spotted night lizards the same as yellow spotted lizards?

no because a night lizards live in the u.s.a but it depends on where you are a night lizard is really small and eats all the time but you don't whant it to fat and it is also really fast

Why are lizards found near lights at night?

Lizards like to eat insects! Look around any light at night and you will see lots of insects. The lizards are hunting in a place with lots of food.

Are lizards active at night or daytime?

It really depends on the breed. Gecko lizards will be awake at night but sleep during the day, as for bearded dragons which have the same sleeping pattern as humans (sleep at night).

What time should you look for backyard lizards?

either daytime or night time,depends on the speicies of lizards.

Are yellow spotted night lizards poisonous?


Are horned lizards more active in day or night?

The day.

How can you find the lizards maximum temperature?

Continuously raise the temperature of the environment of the lizards until the lizards stop moving about.

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