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If it is a Male sheep and female goat you get a sheat and the Male goat and female sheep you get a goep.

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Q: What do you get if you cross a goat with a sheep?
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What can you expect if your sheep impregnates a goat?

A stillborn offspring, the babies of a goat and sheep cross are not able to survive and are stillborn.

Do you have a picture of a goat and sheep cross?

Do a google search for geep.

If you cross sheep with goat what will be the offspring?

It is a sheep goat-hybrid. Most offspring are stillborn because sheep and goats belong to different genera and have a different number of chromosome pairs.

Is goat milk the same as sheep milk?

No. A goat is not a sheep. A sheep is not a goat.

How does goat and sheep translate into English?

Goat and sheep.

What are the common breeds of sheep and goat present in Philippines?

Merino sheep, Billy goats and mountain goats are the common breeds of sheep and goat present in Philippines. There are also some cross-breeds that are being introduced.

Is a goat a male sheep?

No, a goat is not a male sheep, a male sheep in known as a ram.

What is a sheep crossed with a goat called?

A sheep/goat cross is a 'geep'. Sheep and goats have a different number of chromosomes, so very rarely is a live animal born from this cross. Most are naturally aborted very early in the pregnancy, and the few that are born alive die very young.

Is a kid from sheep or goat?

goat :)

What do you get if you cross a cow and a sheep and a goat?

No Cow, Sheep, Goat hybrid has ever been created. It is unlikely that such a creature could ever exist, due to the high genetic incompatibility between these animals.

Sheep are what animal?

Sheep or goat

Is a ram a sheep or a goat?

A sheep.

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