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When you are petting your guinea pig, and it makes a noise, that's called purring (like cats but a lower volume) and then their body vibrates, that means it's content with however you are petting them.

I have a guinea pig named Chelsea (just got her today) and she does this every time I hold her. It's adorable!

It is like purring which is actually a strong vibration of their heart because it beats faster than ours does.

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Q: What does it mean when you pet your guinea pigs and they make a noise and their whole body vibrates?
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What does it mean when your guinea pig makes a noise and her body vibrates?

It means that she is uncomfortable and does not like what ever is happening.

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What does it mean when your guinea pig's body vibrates when you are petting it?

it means that he is happyAnswerMy daughter's guinea pig vibrates when it hears a female's voice...when my husband talks to him, he doesn't vibrate, but when I talk or my daughter talks to him, he vibrates while we are speaking! We think it's because he's happy and feels comfortable around girls! It means they are purring, Not that they are angry! my guinea pig doesn it everytime i take her out, she nuzzles me, purrs, and loves when i give her kisses! its a good thingAnswerMy guinea pig does that and she loves her butt being rubbed AnswerIt means they are happy! One of my guineas is a real lover and will do it constantly while I pet herLOVE :-D

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What does it mean when your guinea pig's body vibrates when you are petting it?

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