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it depends how much it eats

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Q: What is the weight of a squirrel?
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What is the weight of the desert squirrel?

The weight of the Mohave ground squirrel

What is the average weight of a squirrel monkey?

the squirrel monkey can weigh 5-20 lbs

What is the average weight of a squirrel?

About 1-1.5 lbs.

What is the weight of the flying squirrel?

about 13 pounds or under

Is a rat larger than a gray squirrel?

In some cases, the squirrel and the rat can be the same weight, but usually the rat is a little bit smaller than the grey squirrel.

What would ypu measure the mass of an squirrel?

Well, providing the squirrel is compliant, you simply put the squirrel on a scale to find it's weight in grams, which are the units of measure for mass.

What helps squirrel to live on trees?

their quick reflects, their balence and their light weight

Why are squirrel tails so bushy and twitchy?

their tails are bushy becauese of their weight.

How much do Squirrel Gliders weigh?

The average weight of an adult squirrel glider is 230 grams. They range between 190 grams and 300 grams.

How much does a grey squirrel weigh?

The weight of a Gray Squirrel varies depending on the demographics of where it lives. For instance, a Northern Gray Squirrel can weigh up to two pounds while a Southern Gray squirrel will way half that. A good source for looking up information on this squirrel is the link in the Related Links.

How much do squirrel weight?

the weight of squirrels is 1 pound to 2 pound and every body buy mw3 and bf3 and lbp3

What is Katniss's weight?

Katniss Everdeen's weight is never mentioned in The Hunger Games. She says that she is light like a squirrel, but the number is not specified.

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