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a cat

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Q: What would eat a dead mouse caught in trap?
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Will a mouse eat another mouse that is caught in a trap?

if its dead and fresh meat still

Jason is lying dead with an iron bar across his back and some food lying in front of him how did he die?

Jason is a mouse that was caught by a mouse trap.

What are the release dates for Clean Sweep - 2003 Caught in the Mouse Trap?

Clean Sweep - 2003 Caught in the Mouse Trap was released on: USA: 2005

How do you catch a white mouse?

The same way you would catch any other mouse. You can use a standard snap trap, if you want it dead. If you're looking to capture it alive, use a sticky glue trap. Place the trap somewhere you have seen the mouse, a high traffic area if possible. Use vegetable oil to safely remove the mouse after it is caught.

Can you give a sentence for the word reluctant?

The Mouse Was RELUCTANT To Be Caught In The Mouse Trap.

What eats house mouse heads?

Will another mouse eat the head of a mouse caught in a trap?

When will a mouse die after caught in trap?

A few hours or a few days

What type of mouse trap works the best?

The best working mouse trap is the Rat Zapper, it works every time and you do not even have to see the dead mouse!

What is the most effective mouse trap?

The Rat Zapper is the most effective mouse trap. It uses electronics to kill the rodents dead every time.

Complete Similes of As ugly as a?

rat caught in a mouse trap. hope you like :)

If you have a mouse trap and you catch a rat what is the rat called?

Well, rats don't live in houses, mice do. The rat is still a rat regardless. That's like saying, if I was caught by the police, what would I be called? I'd still be me. 'nuff said. Hmm, if a rat were found in a trap it would be called.......................................DEAD

How do you trap a mouse without using a trap?

there is an old Russian Proverb......"The bear that sets the trap , cannot be caught".....what this means is that as long as your setting the trap on them there not setting one on watch your mouse doesnt catch you nvr know....

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