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Your Vet should be able to tell you, but most Vets agree on between 2-7 days old.

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5 or 6 weeks

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Q: When do you dock a dogs tail?
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Do you have to dock a yorkiepoo pups tail?

You do not have to dock any dogs tail. But some show dogs tails may need to be docked.

Do you have to dock a yorkie dogs tail?

No. If you do that your mean!

How long to dock a dogs tail?

What does that mean. If you mean the dock, the part of its body, that kind of dock, well I have a Shetland Sheepdog, and his dock is right before the tail. {on horses too.}

Is it neccasary to dock a boxers tail?

Dogs need their tails for balance. I agree that some dogs do look better with cropped tails, BUT it is not necessary to dock any dog's tail.

Why do they dork dogs tail?

Did u mean dock? Anyway hunting dog may get burs or other things(sticks leaves) stuck in the long hair on a dogs tail. This is why they dock it

How much does it cost to dock an adult dogs tail?

Ten dollars

How do you dock your dogs tail?

Hey, You can't because it is against the law.

Is it a the law that you can dock a dogs tail?

It is against the law to dock a dog's tail in Australia and the UK. If you do dock a dog's tail in Aussie or UK you can face fines up to $37,500. However in the UK dogs that are classed as "working dogs" at the moment can have their tails docked by a vet - however you must prove the puppy is a working dog.

How do you dock a dogs tail?

In the U.K. that practice has now been outlawed as a cruelty.

In malta can you dock a rotty tail?

Malta is a country that is located in southern Europe. It has not signed the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals treaty however which makes it illegal to dock a dogs tail. It is therefore legal to dock a rotty tail there.

What is a horses dock?

the dock is the tail... the hair is the tail the soild bit its attched to (which is quite short) is the dock.

Should cocker spaniels have their tail dock?

Absolutely not ! NO breed of dog should be mutilated for the sake of 'vanity' ! Thankfully - it's now ILLEGAL in the UK to dock a dogs tail unless it's for medical reasons !

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