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guinea pigs are fairly clean animals. u only need to give your guinea pigs a bath every 1 month. u can also use squeaky clean spray on guinea pigs.

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Q: When do you give a guinea pig a bath?
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When do you have to wash your guinea pig?

You don't neccesarily NEED to give your Guinea Pig a bath.

How often do you have to take your guinea pig on a bath?

once a yr. my guinea pig dislikes them and i have to give him a bath everyother yr.

Do you have to give your guinea pig a bath?

Yes they will get stinky and you need to give them a bath or they will not be healthy.

Can you give a guinea pig a bath with water only?

yes you can give a guinea pig a bath with just water but they will not be as clean as when you give them a bath with shampoo and yes they do make special shampoo for guinea pigs don't use normal soap on guinea pigs you can find this special soap at petsmart in the guinea pig area

What type of soap can you wash a guinea pig?

You don't give guinea pigs bath with water or soap I have a guinea pig and I give it a special type of spray him and then brush him

How often can you give your baby guinea pig a bath?

about once a week

Guinea pig bites?

guinea pigs bite them self because they are itchy SO GIVE THEM A BATH

What degrees does it have to be to give guinea pig a bath?

Actually you CAN give a Guinea pig a bath but you should not put them back in their cage when they are damp (this is how they get colds).It should be around 50 degrees or higher when you give him/her a bath but be sure to remember to dry your friend with a towel (NO HAIR DRYERS). SQ

What does it mean when a guinea pigs nails change colors?

It means your guinea pig is dirty. Give it a bath with special guinea pig shampoo. It gets rid of dandruff and it cleans all the dirt off too. Don't give your guinea pig a bath too much otherwise its skin will go all flakey and yucky. Give it a bath every 2 - 3 weeks depending on how dirty it is. If your guinea pig gets dirty a lot, clean its cage.

What happens if you give your guinea pig a shawer 1 a week?

You should not give a guinea pig a shower once a week. I only bath my guinea pigs if they are really in need of a bath or if I'm taking them to a show. I would say a few times a year if you want to bath them, but not once a week

What happens when i don't bath my guinea pig?

It is fine to never bath your guinea pig. They dont need a bath because they clean themselves.

How do you get fleas off of a guinea pig?

you get some medacation or give it a bath with flea shampoo

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