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Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim

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Q: When were Rat traps invented?
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What to do if you have rats in your shed?

Rat traps or rat poison :-)

How does a Victor electronic rat trap differ from other rat traps?

The Victor electronic rat trap is different to other rat traps as it is designed in such a way that the user doesn't have to see the rat after it has been killed.

How do electronic rat traps kill the rat?

They have some that kill by electrocution

What is a good brand for rat traps?

Generally there is very little difference in quality for rat traps. The parts and manufacturing tend to be so simple that the only difference across different brands is a name. For small rat traps, Victor is one of the biggest names. For larger rat traps Ortho tends to be rather popular.

What stores sell rat traps cheaply?

You can buy an inexpensive rat trap at they have a two pack rat trap deal for $8.96. They also have more expensive rat traps if you have a huge pest control issue.

What do rats dislike?

Cats, brooms, rat traps...

What is the majority that kills mice?

Rat traps, can catch the mouse (Sticky traps). Also The poison in the traps can kills the rats ASAP.

What is a good deterrent for rats eating through concrete?

Cats, rat traps and rat poison

What is an 8 letter word that ends with raps?

rat traps

How do you get rid of rats in the attic?

Rat traps, rat poison. Rat traps, but NOT rat poison. The rat will eat the poison and die somewhere in your attic, or maybe it will fall and die between the walls. Either way it will cause a horrible smell in your house. When the body start to decompose maggots will appear, then you will have double trouble.

When was the rat tail comb invented?

the rat tail comb was invented in 1985

HOW do electronic rat traps work?

Most of the electronic rat traps use batteries to charge their circuit boards. The Rat Zapper is the original electronic rat trap. It works when the rat is lured into the chamber by the bait. When the rodent steps onto the kill plate the unit sends electricity down to the plate and electrocutes it dead.

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