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What are the components of the National Service Training Program NSTP?

1. ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps.) = designed to provide  military training to tertiary-level students in order to motivate,  train, organize, and mobilize.  

What are the components of NSTP?

The components of NSTP are Reserve Officers Training Corps, Civic  Welfare Training Service and Literacy Training Service. NSTP stands  for National Service Training Program

What is a component?

A component is defined as an element or part of a bigger whole such  as a vehicle or machine. It is a piece of a larger object.

What is component?

A component is a piece of something. (ie. it takes several components to assemble a fully functional engine, or the executive branch is a component of federal government.) De

What are the 3 main components of food?

I would count on 1:Proteins, 2:Carbohydrates, (little bit of Vitamins and Minerals), 3:Water. On a light side. From McDonalds point of view that could be: Cheeseburger, French

What are the 3 components of the constitution?

The Preamble, which sets area of life that government cannot touch and the reason for the documents existance. The Articles, which outlines all of the ways government can and