5 things a mobile phone has?

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1.a screen

2.some buttons with numbers on them


4.blue tooth

5.it allows you to call people
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What are mobile phones?

A mobile radiotelephone, often in an automobile, that uses a network of short-range transmitters located in overlapping cells throughout a region, with a central station making connections to regular telephone lines. Also called mobile telephone .. A mobile radiotelephone, often in an automobile, (MORE)

What is a mobile phone?

Answer . A phone device that transmits and receives conversation or data without a physical wired connection. Range is only limited by the availability of towers for a certain provider or for those who share towers between several providers. Answer . A "mobile phone" is an alias for a cellular p (MORE)

Is a mobile phone mobile if left alone?

It's still a mobile phone whether it's moving or not. It's the same concept as a flowerpot is still a flowerpot whether it's really containing a flower at the moment or not. And really, all phones are mobile because people still move the phone around even if it's on a cord.

What does a mobile phone does?

A mobile phone, popularly known as a cell phone, is a mobile device used for voice and data communication over the network of base stations, sites where antennas and electronic communication equipment together create a cell in a mobile phone network. Today, mobile phones are used for text messagin (MORE)

How does the first mobile phone compere to todays mobile phone?

The first ever mobile was in the 80's. It was huge , with a big antenna , it had a black & white screen , and you couldn't do much except from call . Nowadays, our mobile phones are much smaller and thinner (and getting thinner and thinner). We can also text . They come in ranges from bars (MORE)

What can mobile phones do?

well, its a cell phone. so its a phone that you carry around, so probably like calling, internet, gaming etc.

How do you call a UK mobile phone from a US mobile phone?

The telephone country code for the United Kingdom is +44, and youmust drop the trunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the UK domestictelephone number. For example, 07700 900123 becomes +44 7700900123. If your cell phone allows you to enter the plus symbol in atelephone number, the most reliable metho (MORE)

What is mobile phones?

The British call them 'mobile phones', the Americans call them 'cell phones'. In Germany you have 'ein Handy'!

How do you call an English mobile phone from a mobile phone in Ireland?

The best way is to enter the number on your mobile in international format, starting with UK country code +44 (including the plus sign), followed by the UK number, omitting the trunk prefix 0 at the beginning. For example, UK mobile number 07700 900123 becomes +44 7700 900123. Alternately, you ca (MORE)

What can you do with a mobile phone?

Call and text message people. The Latest Mobile Phone Features Wifi Many mobile phones now have built-in Wi-Fi cards that allow users to search for, and connect to, wireless routers. GPS With this feature, finding somebody is now easy, as long as they have their mobile phones with them, (MORE)

What is the worst thing about mobile phones?

The worst thing about mobile phones is the users. Some users get addicted to their phones and feel that they always need to be in contact with someone. When they dial or text while driving this becomes life threatening to both themselves and to those that they crash into while driving distracted.

All things good about mobile phones?

Well it sort of depends on how old you are. If you're a 10-17 years old, phones are a necessity. It really helps in many cases. I know when I go to school, I sometimes have to call my parents to ask them to pick me up at a certain time instead of the regular time. Using the phone at the office is re (MORE)

Are mobile phones a good or bad thing?

Very interesting question- would be great for a debate issue. Personally, I can't live without mine. I store all my information, my appointments, etc. on my phone. Not to mention I can communicate with everyone almost everywhere. In our modern society, simplicity seems to be the key selling point fo (MORE)

Is it called a cell phone or a mobile phone?

cell phone and mobile phone are both proper terms for the same thing. So is cellular phone and wireless phone. In some countries, mobile phone is more popular and in others cell phones is.

What can your mobile phone do?

It depends on the model you have. All phones can call and text people and now a lot have blue-tooth and internet access. Blue-tooth allows you to share images, music and other documents. Some phones have cameras so you can take pictures and record, or even use 'face -time' or video call. Also, com (MORE)

Can you phone a mobile phone from your PC?

Yes. There are many various VoIP programs and apps that can be installed onto your computer hard drive or browser. There are actually a good amount of free ones too.

What is the use of mobile computing in mobile phones?

Today's smartphones are much the same thing as a mobile computer. Windows phones even have a mobile version of Windows Operating System. That's what mobile computing really is. It's just the use of mobile "smart phones" which have operating systems like computer. The operating system enables phon (MORE)

Is mobile phones and car phones the same?

A mobile phone is, as the name implies, mobile. It can be taken with you outside the car with you. A car phone is hard wired into the car, and cannot be taken outside the car. They both use the same technology and use the same cells. The car phone can be bulkier, have an outside antenna and use the (MORE)

Where can you find a T mobile mobile phone?

There are T-mobile stores in all of the major cities in America. If you don't want to physically go to a store for one you shold try quibids, it is a website that is kind of like e-bay except it seems to have more fairly priced items on it. You can always find cheap electronics online.

What are the nicest T Mobile mobile phones?

The latest T-Mobile phones include the myTouch which is 4G capable and has video chat, Samsung Dart which is 3G capable and comes with apps, and the LG Optimus T with voice actions and comes with apps.

Are cellular and mobile phones the same thing?

Yes, a cellular phone is just another name used for a mobile phone. They are also known as "hand phones." There is absoutely no difference in the functionality or features. They are just different names for the same product.

Can police check things on your mobile phone without you knowing?

yes, they certainly can and not only them ..even your phone operator, as well as the device manufacturer can control, modify , gain access ,use your data , or even know your recent contacts, mails, texts, also files you have stored on your device ... This is pre programmed on every electronic devi (MORE)

How do you answer a mobile phone?

You have to "press" or "hit" the call button when your mobile phone rings and then speak just like how you would speak using a normal telephone.