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A car travelling 25 mph goes how many feet?

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A car going 25 mph will go 132,000 feet in one hour.
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How many feet does it take to stop a car traveling at 15 mph?

At 25 miles per hour, it takes you about 62 feet to stop a car, reaction time is added in. for a driver who is alert and well rested, in good health and not impaired by alcoho

How many feet will a car travel at 50 mph?

50 miles per hour is 50 * 5280 (feet per mile) per hour = 264000 feet per hour and then, depending on how long a time period you're interested in...you could just divide the 2

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How many feet does it take to stop car at 25 mph?

A vehicle travels approximately 1.5 ft per second for each mile per hour. 25 x 1.5 = 37.5. Add to that the average human response time to react to stimuli and apply the brake
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How many feet does a car travel at 50 mph?

That depends upon for how long it is moving: Every day it will travel 50 miles/hr x 5280 ft/mile x 24 hr/day = 6336000 ft/day Every hour it will travel 6336000 ft/day ÷ 2
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At 25 MPH it will take you about how many feet to stop a car?

The Uk Highway Code uses the formula: [Emergency] overall_distance = thinking_distance + stopping_distance with: thinking_distance = speed_in_mph ÷ 1 ft/mph stopping_