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A negative z score always indicates that the raw score is below the mean?

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Is A negative z score is unusual?

  In general, the answer is no, both negative and positive z score values should be expected.   A z-score (or standardize score) is the raw data value minus the mean an

What is the z score for a given raw score?

Let your raw score be x and M the mean and S the standard deviation. The Z score for your specific x is Z=(x-M)/S So say your score is 80 (out of 100) and the mean is 70 an

Can a z-score be a negative value?

Yes. However, because the distribution is symmetric about 0, some tables give only positive values for z.

What does a z score of -4 indicate?

It means that your raw score is four standard deviations below the mean. This will mean different things depending on the context of the question. If you're looking at the pro

How do you calculate a raw score from a z score?

z = (x - μ) / σ is the formula where x is the raw score and z is the z-score. μ and σ are the mean and standard deviations and must be known numbers. Multiply both sides

What does a negative z-score mean?

z-score of a value=(that value minus the mean)/(standard  deviation). So if a value has a negative z-score, then it is below  the mean.

What is the z score for a raw score of 70?

There is not enough information to answer your question. To determine a Z-Score, the mean and standard deviation are also required.

What is gained by converting a raw score to a Z score?

The Gaussian (Normal) distribution is determined by two parameters: its mean and its variance. Each combination of these two parameters results in a different probability dens