According to Thomas Jefferson what were the three basic human rights to which all of us are entitled by the mere fact that you exist?

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If the question refers to the Declaration of Independence written by Jefferson, those "inalienable rights" were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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What are the nine rights you are entitled to if you are accused according to the US Constitution's Bill of Rights?

Nine Constitutional Rights of the Accused: (Does not include rights enumerated under the Eighth Amendment, but should) . Indictment (5th): No person shall be held to ans

What are natural rights all people are entitled to according to Thomas Jefferson?

Federalist paper #84 Here, in strictness, the people surrendernothing; and as they retain every thing they have no need ofparticular reservations. "WE, THE PEOPLE of the Unite

What are Basic rights to which all people are entitled?

This is a highly philosophical question, but in the United States, you are granted the rights outlined in the "Bill of Rights" of the Constitution, and, theoretically speaking